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World Down Syndrome Day

Today is World Down Syndrome Day, a day that celebrates the lives and achievements of people with Down Syndrome.

Today is World Down Syndrome Day, a day that celebrates the lives and achievements of people with Down Syndrome.

To mark this occasion, we'd like to highlight the inspiring story of Adam Mayer, a dedicated football player who has been involved in the sport since the age of 6.

Adam is a long-serving member of Stafford Town Dragons FC, a pan-disability section of Stafford Town Football Club that provides opportunities for people with disabilities to play football. Through his involvement in the club, Adam has developed a love for the sport and has made many friendships along the way.

What makes Stafford Town Dragons FC special is their focus on inclusivity and participation. The club provides opportunities for all players to participate in training and matches, regardless of their ability. This has helped Adam develop a greater sense of self-esteem and fulfilment.

Adam's parents have been fully supportive of his involvement in sports from a young age. In addition to his involvement with Stafford Town Dragons, Adam also attended sessions delivered by Stoke City Community Trust & Aiming High holiday clubs, which included multi-sport as well as football delivery sessions.

Stafford Town Dragons FC currently have two adult teams playing within the Staffordshire Ability Counts League and are looking to relaunch their youth pan-disability section soon to provide a full pathway for players. The club offers an opportunity for everyone to feel a part of the team and appreciated for their role within it.

When asked about his advice for those who may be nervous to get involved in football, Adam's response was simple: "Give it a try." We echo this sentiment and encourage anyone who is interested in getting involved in football, but may not know where to start, to get in touch with their local football club. The Staffordshire Football Association website is a great resource for finding local disability teams, and you can also contact for more information.

On this World Down Syndrome Day, let us celebrate the achievements of people like Adam and the many organisations that provide opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in sports and other activities.