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There are now a number of Disability Teams across Staffordshire who are providing football sessions and activities catering for various impairments. 

Provision is available for both Youth and Adult players providing opportunities for people with a range of abilities to participate in football on a regular basis. Opportunities are available to take part as a player, coach or volunteer across the county and support is available to help you throughout your journey.

For more information regarding your most local opportunities, or if you are looking to create a new team, please get in touch.

Adult Clubs

Able Too United (East Staffs) - neil.brown@eaststaffsbc.co.uk  
Cannock United Lions (Cannock) - ryshoei10@gmail.com 
Leek Town Ability Counts (Leek) - nigelgoldstraw@aol.com  
Midland Soccer Academy Liberty (Lichfield) - maggi@liberty-staffordshire.co.uk
Stafford Town Dragons (Stafford) - alisongoddard135@btinternet.com  
St Georges Knights (Powerchair) - stgeorgesknights@gmail.com 
Stoke City Ability Counts (Stoke) - duncan.gilchrist@stokecityfc.com
Burton Albion Ability Counts (Burton) - charles.sketchley@burtonalbionct.org
Port Vale Foundation Trust (Stoke) - sarah.minshall@port-vale.co.uk
Tamworth DFC (Tamworth) - james.r.patterson@hotmail.co.uk
Walsall Wood Adults (Walsall) - walsallwoodladiesfc@gmail.com 

Youth Clubs

Burton Albion Community Trust (Youth) - charles.sketchley@burtonalbionct.org
Midland Soccer Academy Liberty (Lichfield) - maggi@liberty-staffordshire.co.uk
Stoke City Ability Counts (Stoke) - duncan.gilchrist@stokecityfc.com
Wyrley Juniors (Walsall) - keith_hardy@live.com
Walsall Wood Juniors (Walsall) - walsallwoodladiesfc@gmail.com
Tamworth DFC (Tamworth) - james.r.patterson@hotmail.co.uk

Women’s Only Clubs

Midland Soccer Academy Liberty Ladies (Lichfield) – maggi@liberty-staffordshire.co.uk

Disability Specific Wildcats

Liberty Staffordshire (Lichfield) – maggi@liberty-staffordshire.co.uk
Stoke City Ability Counts (Stoke) – duncan.gilchrist@stokecityfc.com
Wyrley Juniors FC (Walsall) – keith_hardy@live.com

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Gemma Machin

Equality Officer 


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Here are some answers to your frequently asked questions

We have listed the current teams available in Staffordshire above. Please contact the most suitable teams directly. Alternatively, please feel free to contact the Staffordshire FA Participation Team.

Unless a specific impairment is highlighted above, all of our disability teams cater for PAN disabilities. It is best to contact the teams directly to discuss your individual needs.

Each of the above disability teams cater for a range of difference age bands. Please contact them directly in order to discuss your individual needs.