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about staffordshire fa

We aim to ensure the long term future of the game by providing the best possible environment and infrastructure where football will flourish in the County for all backgrounds and abilities.

Founded in 1877, The Staffordshire Football Association is the guardian of our national game in the County. Responsible for efficiently governing and developing the local game, the Staffordshire FA strives to positively influence participation for all in football regardless of age, ability, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion and socioeconomic status.

Staffs FA

Access our 24/7 helpdesk

Staffordshire FA is keen to ensure that our members have as much support on hand as possible.

We value customer satisfaction and in order to improve our customer service, we provide a 24/7 helpdesk.

Staffordshire FA County Handbook - Season 2020/21

The Staffordshire FA County Handbook for season 2020/21 is now available to download from

To make the document simple and easy to use, all elements of the contents page have been hyperlinked to the relevant sections of the handbook.



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