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about staffordshire fa

We aim to provide a safe and inclusive environment where everyone can achieve their football aspirations. 

Founded in 1877, Staffordshire Football Association is the local guardian of our National Game in the County of Staffordshire. Responsible for efficiently supporting, developing and uniting the local game, the Association strives to positively influence participation for everyone involved in football.


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Uniting the Knot


‘Uniting the Knot’ sets out our strategic priorities for the period of 2021-2024, where we will focus on Supporting, Developing, and Uniting Staffordshire Football, ensuring that this is underpinned through safe and inclusive environments where the game can flourish.

annual report

Staffordshire FA Annual Report - 2021/22

Staffordshire FA's Annual Report for season 2021/22 can be viewed online.

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Staffordshire FA is keen to ensure that our members have as much support on hand as possible.

We value customer satisfaction and in order to improve our customer service, we provide a 24/7 helpdesk.