‘Uniting The Knot’ – Staffordshire FA Strategy 2021-2024

Staffordshire FA is delighted to present our new 3-year strategy for Staffordshire Football.

‘Uniting the Knot’ sets out our strategic priorities for the period of 2021-2024, where we will focus on Supporting, Developing, and Uniting Staffordshire Football, ensuring that this is underpinned through safe and inclusive environments where the game can flourish.

This strategy follows on from our 2018-2021 strategy ‘Untying the Knot’, which focused on breaking down barriers, simplifying, and supporting the bespoke needs of Staffordshire Football. There were a number of key successes which will lead us into ‘Uniting the Knot’, which focuses on recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic and bringing Staffordshire Football together to collaborate and thrive.

We will promote unity and build a renewed sense of togetherness as the game gets back onto its feet following the pandemic. This is an opportunity to reset, to consider what we are doing well and what we can do better to support the game and encourage growth.

For this strategy to be truly impactful, we recognise that we will not be able to achieve this in isolation, emphasising the need for collaboration with key partners to achieve the desired outcomes. The game must be accessible for all and we should be doing more at every level to achieve equality.

Following the impact of Covid-19 there will be new challenges and greater emphasis on a digital world. This will require us to rethink, work with greater efficiency, and to provide to appropriate support for Staffordshire Football. We will work with less resource than our previous strategy, so it is more important than ever that we use insight, evidence, and local knowledge, to focus our key areas of work. We will need to be effective in our communication and work closely with our key stakeholders, to provide the necessary support which will enable the game to grow.

All of this will be done whilst ensuring that safeguarding, inclusion, customer excellence and communication are at the core of our work.

A huge thank you to the many key stakeholders from across Staffordshire Football who provided valuable feedback via the various consultation processes earlier in the year, which resulted in the development and production of this strategy. We hope that you enjoy digesting the information in our new strategy for 2021-2014, ‘Uniting the Knot’. 




Should you have any questions regarding the strategy or wish to find out more about the many opportunities to get involved in Staffordshire Football, please contact us via: