2018 Grassroots Football Survey

Have Your Say: The FA Launches 2018/19 Grassroots Football Survey

Everybody involved in grassroots football across Staffordshire is encouraged to have their say through the 2018/19 Grassroots Football Survey.

The 2018/19 Grassroots Football Survey has today been launched by The Football Association [The FA].     

The online survey, which is now in its fourth season after being launched in 2015/16, provides players, coaches, match officials, parents, supporters, volunteers, club and league officials with an opportunity to share their experiences of community football and highlight potential opportunities for improvement.    

To date, almost 90,000 participants have voiced their opinions on the grassroots football provision in their local area and helped to inform the allocation of investment and resources by The FA and County FAs. 

Martin Glenn, The FA’s Chief Executive Officer, said: "The Grassroots Football Survey has grown season-on-season. Since its introduction in 2015/16, it has given us greater insight and understanding of the community football landscape, which has helped us shape and improve our decision-making processes across the grassroots game.     

"Community football facilities are the perfect example. Despite a number of excellent programmes in place, feedback from previous surveys has repeatedly shown many are inadequate and require further investment. Whilst happy with the availability of grass pitches, participants generally report they are of poor quality. This key information from within the game allows us to prioritise development and resources in these areas.                  

"This season we want to reach more participants than ever before and make improvements necessary to ensure the continuous development of grassroots football in this country." 

Adam Evans, Chief Executive Officer at Staffordshire FA, added: "Listening to our members is vital for us to offer a relevant service and to create the best possible environment for the game to thrive at a local level.

"We are here to provide for your Football needs and the Grassroots Football Survey enables us to gain vital insight when shaping the future of the game within Staffordshire. We have written our new strategy ‘Untying the Knot’, which will be announced shortly, based on the feedback that we have received and this has led us to go through a restructure which now allows a more transparent and inclusive way of working."

Visit TheFA.com/HaveYourSay before the deadline on Monday 5 November 2018 to take part. 

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