Sunday Challenge Cup

Sunday Challenge Cup

Current Holders: Potters Bar FC
The Sunday Challenge Cup is the second highest-ranking competition for Sunday football teams within Staffordshire and is one of our oldest competitions having been competed for since 1967. 

It is a well contested and close competition, whose trophy has been lifted by an impressive 37 different clubs in its history. 

The competition comprises of high level Sunday football teams within the county who battle to be crowned county champions, and receive a place in next season's Sunday Premier Cup competition.

Recent Finals
2017/18 – Potters Bar 4 FC Gnosall 2
2016/17 - Victoria 5 The Staffordshire Knot 1
2015/16 - Dr Johnson 4 Belt Road 0
2014/15 - Eaton Park 2 Talbot 1

Conference Dates
Round 1: Sunday 23rd September 2018
Round 2: Sunday 21st October 2018
Round 3: Sunday 25th November 2018
Quarter-Finals: Sunday 27th January 2019
Semi-Finals: Sunday 24th February 2019
Final: Thursday 11th April 2019

Round Dates

Round Date
1st Round 23/09/18 Results
2nd Round 21/10/18 Results
Quarter-Final 25/11/18 to 02/12/18 Results
Semi-Final 27/01/19 Results
Final 11/04/19 Result

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