Staffordshire FA

How The SFA Works

How The Staffordshire FA Works

Our Vision
Our Vision for the future of the Association is based on a new modern inclusive approach where collective passion is encouraged to achieve our goals and further our success by shaping the future of the game in Staffordshire.

We aim to provide a safe and inclusive environment where everyone can achieve their football aspirations through Support, Develop, Unite. You can read more about this in our strategy.

We are passionate about providing opportunities and inspiring new participants, developing the football workforce and supporting the thousands of hours spent administering the game.

Through the implementation of the Corporate Governance Review which was agreed by our members in September 2018, we have been able to clearly define our strategic priorities for the Association and Staffordshire Football in general.

In order for us to achieve this we need to be clear in our vision and base our key strategic priorities on the needs of our members and tactics for growth. At the heart of this new governance approach is a deep rooted commitment to openness, transparency and accountability. We believe that the better run we are, and the more open we are, to those who wish to be involved, the more successful we will be.

Our Key Strategic Priorities
Our key strategic priorities are based around the following areas;  

• Build a culture of lifelong participation in football
• Reach beyond the game by building relationships with new partners in the health sector to ensure that we are using the power of football to positively influence the overall health and wellbeing of the local community
• Create more playing opportunities through flexible and accessible formats of the game.

• Build and sustain a strong and efficient inclusive paid and voluntary workforce
• Invest in and upskill the ‘off field’ workforce
• Support a forward thinking league and club system that engages with the whole community and encourages participation in the game

• Strive to achieve excellent corporate governance by implementing the changes to our Council and Committee structure for the 2018 – 2019 season and beyond
• Ensure that the game is played in a safe and enjoyable environment for all
• Apply the laws, rules and regulations consistently across the County

• Achieve the highest levels of customer excellence for our members
• Implement World Class Financial Management ensuring that we invest back into the grassroots game
• Develop and promote a clear, consistent identity together with an integrated communications plan
• Develop and deliver a Staffordshire FA Hub of football which will be accessible to all of our members

Achieving our vision will result in the successful delivery of our strategy. To do this we will require a coherent approach from our Executive and Non-Executive Workforce. In 2018 we changed our structure to enable us to do just that and to ensure that the correct corporate governance arrangements are in place to achieve.

The Board of Directors...
 Ensures that we have a clear vision and strategy, influencing the way in which we are run both today and in the future whilst holding on to the ethos and traditions that make the game a national treasure
 Appoints the Senior Staff members and ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, meets eleven or twelve times per year to discuss the business of the Association and give the Chief Executive Officer clear strategic direction going forward
 Acts solely with the Association’s interests at heart, and our Directors give up their valuable time and volunteer to support the workings of the organisation but above all to support the grassroots game in Staffordshire

Who is involved?
Our Board comprises of up to seven members who are all volunteers. The Council is responsible for appointing the Board Members from their membership but in addition the Board can appoint Independent Non-Executive Directors with specific skills to help them to achieve our vision.

The Council...
 Plays an important role in how the Association is governed. Its main responsibility is to ensure that the Board of Directors are delivering against the strategy by monitoring and supporting their work
 Meets three times a year to discuss key issues and to advise the Board of Directors
 Members are custodians of the game and play a vital role championing the Association with those bodies that they represent and the wider football Community

Who is involved?
The Council is made up of Representatives from affiliated bodies, specific areas of the game, Independent Members, Life Vice Presidents and Life Members. In total the Council is over fifty in numbers and the members give up their valuable time to support the local game.  

Our Committee Structure
Our Council Members can sit on the following Standing Committees which the Board of Directors delegate specific tasks. These Committees are pivotal to the working of the Association and support the Executive Workforce to deliver our Strategy. 

The Football Workforce Committee
Main aim – to support the voluntary and paid workforce within the County. 

The Football Participation Committee
Main aim – to sustain and increase participation within the County.

The Football Regulatory Committee
Main aim – to ensure the effective regulation of the game by overseeing all matters Regulatory including Discipline, Sanctioning, and Rules and to ensure these are implemented consistently within the County. 

Whilst the above Standing Committees are made up of our Council Members they are supported by working groups that can include non-Council Members. This ensures that the right people with the correct skills are contributing to and influencing recommendations made to the Standing Committees for consideration as part of the decision making process.

In addition to the above there are two other Groups that report to the Board of Directors. They are:

The Inclusive Advisory Group
Main aim – to provide advice, guidance and make recommendations to our Board on all equality and diversity matters and enhance our operational delivery plan.

The Staffordshire Football Partnership Group
Main aim – to oversee and provide strategic direction, leadership and a co-ordinated approach between the senior football bodies within the County.  

Our Executive Team

Our trained Executive Workforce structure replicates that of the Committee structure and the day to day work is carried out within the following hubs:

Business Hub

Chief Executive Officer - Adam Evans
Head of Delivery - Kevin Staples
Commercial & Partnerships Lead - Gareth Thomas
Finance Officer - Joanne Adams
Communications Officer - Ash Willis

Participation & Workforce Hub
Senior Participation & Workforce Officer - Alex Scott
Equality Officer - Gemma Machin
Participation Officer - Jake Triggs 
Workforce Officer - Chloe Matthews

Regulatory Hub
Senior Regulatory Officer - Vicky Collins
Designated Safeguarding Officer - Jan Scott
Competitions and Membership Officer - John Lilburne
Regulatory Officer - George Taylor

Apprentice - Joe Davidson

How can I get involved?
Staffordshire Football Association are looking to gain support from representatives of the grassroots game across Staffordshire, to represent a number of key areas and act as a Member of Council for their specialist area.

The Staffordshire FA Council is made up of representatives of the grassroots game across Staffordshire, ensuring that all key areas of the game are fully represented, supported and resourced.

The role of the Council Member is to represent their particular area of the game at council meetings, and working groups where appropriate, providing insight, feedback and support to help their areas grow, and contribute to the overall work that the Staffordshire FA completes.