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Staffordshire FA Complaints Procedure


This Procedure outlines the details with regards to sending a complaint to the Staffordshire Football Association regarding a Match Official, Club, League, Participant or the Staffordshire FA itself.

We hope that you are pleased with the service and experience that you have received from us and our associated Clubs and Leagues, and that you'll never have reason to complain - but if there is something you are not happy with, initially you need to tell the relevant Club or League about it straight away, following their Complaints Procedure, so that they can try to put matters right. Please ensure you have followed your club or leagues complaints procedure before contacting the Staffordshire FA.

If you are still not happy with how this has been resolved, please escalate this to us at Staffordshire FA, following the steps outlined below, so we can try to put matters right for you.

We will deal with your complaint efficiently and:

Make it quick and easy for you to contact us about your complaint.
Ensure we investigate thoroughly to obtain full information about the situation so we can assess your complaint fairly.
Communicate with you, keeping you informed of progress and advising you of the results of our findings in the timescales we have promised, or let you know why any timeline has been extended and a revised date for resolution.
Take appropriate action according to the results of our findings.

Complaints Procedure

How do I contact Staffordshire FA to make a complaint?

Use the Staffordshire FA Complaints Form
You can submit a complaint by completing the Staffordshire FA Complaints form by clicking here

The Complaints form will allow you to select the organisation you wish to make a complaint against. Please be as detailed as possible when completing the form so we can follow up and investigate the matter thoroughly.

Call Staffordshire FA

To seek clarity on the Complaints Procedure you can contact the Football Services Team on 01785 256994.

Social Media

Staffordshire FA will not acknowledge or accept a formal complaint via any form of social media.

Do I need to complete a form to make a complaint?

Yes, we only accept official complaints submitted via our complaint forms, that can be accessed from our website here

What happens after I submit a complaint?

After you submit your complaint using the Staffordshire FA Complaint Form

Immediately: You will receive by message:

- Acknowledgement of receipt of your submission into the Staffordshire FA Complaints System and confirmation that this matter is being dealt with in accordance with our Complaints Procedure

Within 5 working days: You will receive by email:

- Confirmation of the name of the person at Staffordshire FA who is dealing with your complaint.
- A request for any additional information needed for Staffordshire FA to thoroughly investigate this situation.
- A request for your written agreement for us to contact any third party if we require additional information from them.
- Indication of the timescales involved and next steps to resolve your complaint.

Within 30 working days, unless there are extenuating circumstances: You will receive by email:

- Our response to your complaint and any next steps.
- Note: Should it not be reasonably possible to resolve the complaint within 30 working days this will be communicated to the complainant with an estimated date of resolution and the reason for this delay. If any additional information, or your written agreement to contacting a third party, has been requested our response will be within 30 working days of receiving these items from you.

How will Staffordshire FA resolve complaints?

Stage 1 – Fact-finding

The Football Services Team will, in the first instance, liaise with all parties to establish the facts in order to seek a swift resolution. Specifically, if the complaint relates to a third person and or entity, (Employee, Club, League, Volunteer), they will be informed and given a fair opportunity to respond in writing with their account. Any witnesses will also be asked to respond in writing with their account and a thorough investigation will be undertaken. This will be done before progressing to Stage 2. Should the complaint be about a member of the Football Services Team itself, then Stages 1-3 of the complaints process will be dealt with by a Senior Member of the Football Services Team.

Stage 2 – Complaint Working Group

Upon conclusion of the fact-finding exercise investigating the complaint, including receipt of all information from both parties and any witnesses, a ’Complaint Working Group’ (CWG) is established with a minimum of three members, one of whom the CWG appoint to act as Chair. This group may comprise of members from the Football Services Team and Senior Leadership Team.

The CWG discuss the circumstances surrounding the complaint, draw conclusions and determine the next steps to remedy the situation.

In certain situations, the CWG may also request further specific information before reaching a conclusion.

Stage 3 – Communicating the results of the investigation

On conclusion of the investigation the appointed Staffordshire FA representative responsible for the complaint emails the Complainant advising:

Details of the investigation that has been undertaken
The findings of the investigations
The conclusion of the CWG
Any action taken as a result of the complaint together with the options to appeal or progress to a further stage

In the event of the CWG requesting additional information, the Staffordshire FA representative responsible for the complaint emails the Complainant with an update on the progress made, and an indication as to when a full reply will be given. The Staffordshire FA representative returns to Stage 1 of the process to obtain the additional information, prior to progressing to Stage 2.

Stage 4 – Appeal 1

If the Complainant feels that the complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved in Stages 1-3, they can refer their complaint to the Staffordshire FA Chief Executive Officer:

Name: Adam Evans – CEO
Staffordshire Football Association Ltd
Dyson Court
Staffordshire Technology Park
ST18 0LQ

Telephone: 01785 256994

Stage 5 – Appeal 2

If the Complainant feels that the complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved at the previous Stages 1-4, they can refer their complaint to The FA, being the governing body for the game in England primarily responsible for all regulatory aspects of the game.

Name: Customer Relations

The Football Association
Wembley Stadium
PO Box 1966

Telephone: 0800 389 0699

Stage 6 - Final Stage

If the Complainant feels that the complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved at the previous Stages 1-5, the final option is for the Complainant to refer their complaint to the Independent Football Ombudsman which has a clear remit to receive and adjudicate on complaints from football supporters and participants, which have not been resolved by the Football Authorities. Complaints can be addressed to:

The Independent Football Ombudsman
Suite 49
33 Great George Street

Telephone: 0800 588 4066

How does Staffordshire FA record and monitor complaints?

On receipt of a complaint form, the information is automatically recorded within the Staffordshire FA information systems and the Football Services team is notified to commence their investigation.

All outstanding complaints, investigation findings and appeal results are discussed during the Senior Leadership Team monthly meeting.

When do Staffordshire FA review the Complaints Procedure?

In order to ensure our procedures are fit for purpose and to continually improve our processes, we will formally review this procedure every 12 months to take into account changing circumstances that require us to adapt and update the way we respond to complaints.

At Staffordshire FA we take your views seriously and strive to continually improve our processes and methods of communication. If you have feedback on any aspect of the way we handle complaints at Staffordshire FA please email your suggestions and comments to with the subject header ‘Feedback on Complaints Procedure’. We will acknowledge receipt of your email within 5 working days. For any other feedback on what we are doing well or what you would like to see more of at Staffordshire FA, please also email us at

Additionally, if you feel that your comments or feedback on our Complaints Procedure, or your experience of how we are meeting our customers’ needs in this respect, require the attention of the Staffordshire FA Chief Executive Officer, you may use the following contact methods:

Staffordshire Football Association Ltd
Dyson Court
Staffordshire Technology Park
ST18 0LQ

Telephone: 01785 256994

When can Staffordshire FA amend the Complaints Procedure?

This procedure may be amended by The Senior Leadership Team, with the approval of the Chief Executive Officer outside of the formal procedure review for good reason. Good reason examples include, but are not limited to, avoiding conflict of interest, media provisions or communication.