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University Transfers


Every season thousands of referees up and down the country leave home and start their time at university.

This can often be in an unfamiliar area and county - so whether you are entering or leaving the county, at Staffordshire FA we want to make this life changing transition as easy as possible by supporting your refereeing.

Alex Scott

Senior Participation & Workforce Officer

Phone: 01785 256994

Continuing refereeing with a new County FA offers students a fantastic opportunity to integrate both within the local football community and university life. Refereeing also provides an income to support studies and social activities.

This process is remarkably simple… even if you're moving from one end of the country to the other!


Referees moving to study in Staffordshire have a wide range of opportunities available in the grassroots game and the university sports scene. Once you have confirmed your move we will be able to affiliate you with Staffordshire FA.

The process is as easy as one email or phone call - to discuss the options available or arrange affiliation please contact the Staffordshire FA Referee Development Officer.


Referees that plan to leave Staffordshire to study in other parts of the country will also need to go through the simple process of affiliating with their new County FA. Once this has been complete it will just be a case of carrying on with refereeing as normal.

To chat through the easiest way to carry on refereeing in other counties please contact the Staffordshire FA Referee Development Officer.

Want to find out more?

HEre are some answers to your frequently asked questions

Referees only need to register with their parent county (where they live) each season but can apply (Through the registration process on WGS) or ask another County FA to register them for FREE as an Associate Member.

Yes of course, especially if you are going home at anytime. As long as you are a registered referee you can referee anywhere in England.

Please contact a league within Staffordshire to register with them. Their appointments officer will then be able to appoint you to fixtures within their league.