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Referee Promotion

Do you want to officiate in a higher standard of football?

Want to know more about the promotion structure that can take you as far as the professional game? Do you want to realise your full potential as a referee?

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Alex Scott
Senior Participation & Workforce Officer


What is the Staffordshire FA promotion scheme?
The Staffordshire FA Referee Promotion Scheme provides county officials with the opportunity to progress through the referee pathway. The promotion season commences on 1st March and ends on 28th February in the year following.


A Level T Referee will automatically become a Level 7 Referee (16 years of age or over) or Level Y (14 or 15 years of age) upon successful completion of the Basic Referee Training Course. A Level Y Referee will automatically become a Level 7 Referee on reaching the age of 16.

Level 7 referees are required to have completed 20 games in one registration period before applying for promotion.

Promotion from Level 6 to Level 5 and Level 7 to Level 6 shall be based on a Referee’s practical performance on the field of play and other criteria as follows:

  • Written assessments by FA Registered Assessors on a minimum of three games
  • Club marks from competitions over the age of 16 years over a minimum of 20 games (a minimum of 70% must be in open age competitions) officiated in as a Referee in the marking season
  • A Level 6/5 Referee wishing to be considered for future promotion to Level 4 must complete at least 5 games as an Assistant Referee
  • Attendance at least one promotion in-service training event
  • Successful completion of a written examination

Referees who are showing promise can be considered for accelerated promotion from Level 7 to 5 in one season providing they meet the criteria as determined above.

For eligibility for promotion to Level 4 a Referee must also:

  • Receive a minimum of five assessments during the promotion season
  • Have met all the Level 7 to 6 and Level 6 to 5 criteria
  • Have passed a fitness test

Is there a cost for this service?
A fee of £30.00 is required to be paid at the start of the promotion season. If you adhere to promotion criteria, whether you are successful in achieving promotion or not, you will be refunded the full fee. Should you be removed/withdraw from the scheme this fee will not be refunded.

What happens next?
Following your application for promotion, you will be required to attend a promotion seminar which will include taking a referee examination to confirm your knowledge of the Laws of the Game.

Wanting to continue on the pathway next season?
As an official within the promotion system you will automatically be entered for promotion the following season. If you wish to be withdraw from the scheme you are required to contact the County FA or your Assessor Co-Ordinator.