Simon Bennett indicates offside

Senior CORE

Continuing Refereeing Excellence

The aim of the Referee Senior CORE group is to assist in the development, training and coaching of referees who have the potential to progress to the professional game. It is designed to deliver specific and relevant training to ambitious, dedicated and talented referees.

Who can be part of the Development Group?

The Referee Senior CORE is an invitation only group of selected officials from across the county, who are currently Levels 4 and above. These officials attend a specified number of training sessions each season which are specifically aimed at improving not only their fitness levels but also include specific technical sessions with key note speakers in attendance. Football League Official, Steve Martin is the Senior CORE Manager.

Referee Senior CORE Criteria

  • You must be an active referee
  • Current Level 4 and above
  • Willing to attend monthly sessions - engaging in physical and classroom based training
  • Show potential to progress further on the referee pathway
  • Must sign a Code of Conduct

Membership to the Referee Senior CORE is reviewed on a yearly basis. Candidates are considered based on the above criteria, and their refereeing performance throughout the season.

Steve Martin officiates
It's a privilege to oversee the Senior CORE group and work with the rising stars of the future. Referees in the group have been earmarked to have massive potential and the group helps to provide a focus on realising their potential.
- Steve Martin, Senior CORE Manager (Select Group 2 Official)