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Vets Football

Playing Opportunities For All

Staffordshire FA is keen to ensure that playing opportunities are provided across the county for players who no longer have a desire to play open-age football – whether that be down to age, fitness levels, family commitments, work commitments, etc.

In recent years there has been a decline in veterans football across Staffordshire, played at traditional times over the weekend. To combat this decline, Staffordshire FA have created and developed some ‘flexible’ veterans leagues across the county to try and meet the needs of players over the age of 35, and fit in around the busy lifestyles they lead.

Veterans Leagues in Staffordshire
Please find below links to the three veterans leagues across Staffordshire which are currently providing opportunities for players over the age of 35.

Jake Triggs

Football Participation Officer (Male Pathway)

Phone: 01785 256994

Gareth Thomas
The PDSL Friday Night Vets League is a great example that if we can create a flexible format of the game to meet the needs of the players, then we can keep people playing 11-a-side football for longer, in a format that fits in around their lifestyles.
- Gareth Thomas, Staffordshire FA Football Development Officer (Adult)