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How to get involved in powerchair football!

The game is for anyone who uses a powered wheelchair or those who have limited movement in a manual wheelchair. The sport is fast-paced, dynamic and very enjoyable to watch. The unique nature of powerchair football allows all ages, disabilities and both genders to compete together.

The FA works in partnership with The Wheelchair Football Association (WFA) and County FAs to develop the sport of powerchair football in England. 

In Staffordshire, we currently have 1 powerchair football club, ‘St George’s Knights’, who have a number of teams competing at various levels in the country, catering for players of all ages and genders. Contact details for the club can be found on the Staffordshire Disability Clubs page

Rule adaptations

The laws of powerchair football are based on the 18 laws of the game, as laid down by FIFA, with some key adaptations: 

• Played indoors on a 30mx18m court
• Goalposts consist of two upright posts (pylons or cones) placed 6m apart - there is no crossbar
• Larger 33cm diameter ball is used
• The game is 4v4 but match squads can be up to 8 players
• 2 halves of 20 minutes
• Only 2 defenders are allowed in the penalty area at once, no restrictions for the attackers
• Two on one rule replaces offside - if two teammates and an opponent are within 3m of the ball whilst it is in play, an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposition. Only exception is that a goalkeeper can commit a two on one
• A push in replaces the traditional throw in
• Tackling is allowed as long as it is playing attachment to playing attachment - contact with any other part of the chair or ‘ramming’ is not permitted

More information regarding Powerchair Football can be found at https://thewfa.org.uk/ 

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