Sunday Challenge Cup Match Preview

FC Maybank vs Morrisman FC


  • FC Maybank vs Morrisman FC
  • Thursday 21 March – 7:30pm
  • Newcastle Town, The Red Industries Stadium, Buckmaster Ave, ST5 3BX         
  • Adults £5.00 / Concession £3.00 / U16s Free (CARD ONLY)

FC Maybank
FC Maybank was forged in the crucible of camaraderie during the 21/22 season, when a group of close friends came together, their latent talent quickly emerging. Their journey commenced in Division 5 of the Coors League, with just one league loss that inaugural season. With determination, they clinched the league and cup double, etching an indelible mark in their club’s history.

Morrisman FC
Founded at the culmination of the previous season, Morrisman FC, formerly recognised as Prince of Wales FC, has swiftly made their mark. With a striking offensive prowess, they’ve netted a remarkable 30 goals in this competition, while their defence stands strong, conceding merely 7. Spearheading their attack, Mark Pritchard has emerged as the focal point, boasting an outstanding 25 goals across just 16 appearances this season. 

Match Officials
Referee: Jack Roobottom
Assistant 1: Ethan Walker
Assistant 2: Lee Haywood
4th Official: Robert Blagden

Match Programme
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