Recycling Tips For Clubs From Our Sustainability Partner

Score big with waste recycling advice from our sustainability partner, Brown Recycling.

Recycling Tips For Clubs From Our Sustainability Partner

Score big with waste recycling advice from our sustainability partner, Brown Recycling.

Whilst it can be difficult to know how to recycle our waste sustainably, it’s important to get the best possible result. A single plastic bottle or drinks discarded by a pitch might not seem a big deal but multiply that by a few teams and a watching crowd and the collective impact can be substantial. 

Our football spaces are too precious to litter and damage but by committing to responsible recycling practices we can all make a positive difference. 

Here are five easy steps we can take at every match or training session to help recycle the waste generated in a sustainable way.

How to recycle better in 5 ways:

1 Understand your waste.
Do you know what waste you produce? Is it recyclable? Items such as drink cans, plastic bottles, glass, paper, and cardboard can all be recycled if separated correctly. 

2 Understand what containers you need.
For smaller amounts of waste, you may only need a single wheelie bin, but for larger volumes, you may need several different wheelie bins or even a skip. You don’t want overflowing bins so ensure you monitor and adjust to meet your needs.

3 Segregate your waste.
Sort your waste into different bins. Set up a recycling station with signage for different waste types to make recycling easier for our teams and spectators.

4 Reduce waste as much as you can.
Encourage everyone to avoid single-use plastics or such items. By switching to reusable water bottles and plastic-free alternatives, such as paper cups, the waste impact can be huge. 

5 Educate your volunteers, your teams, and fans.
Remind and educate people about recycling by using signage and announcements before and after a match. Make sure to highlight recycling and bin areas around the venue too.

Want to find out more about responsible waste management?

Our partners Brown Recycling is a family owned and trusted supplier of total waste management and recycling solutions across Staffordshire, Cheshire, and the Midlands. They offer a complete range of waste services including trade waste management, skip hire, hazardous waste disposal, scrap metal recycling and more.

Brown Recycling are also our sustainability partner as part of our commitment to the FA’s five-year sustainability strategy, Playing for the Future. This strategy is a great opportunity to encourage environmental responsibility within the football community at a grassroots level, ensuring that the next generation is on track to build a more sustainable future. 

Staffordshire FA and Brown Recycling partnership launch news story

As part of their commitment to responsible waste management and the local community, the Brown Recycling team are always happy to advise on the right type of waste container and processes for every type of waste. From skips for your home to trade waste collections, to total waste management and recycling solutions for manufacturing and commercial businesses, they can handle it all. 

Call their team on 0800 998 1069 or email They will be happy to help.

A discount for Staffordshire FA members

As part of the partnership Brown Recycling are pleased to offer all Staffordshire FA members a special discount of up to 10% on skip hire and trade waste wheelie bin services for the rest of the season.

To obtain your discount simply call the Brown Recycling Customer Service Team on 0800 998 1069 and quote BROWNFA23.

Please note this offer applies to the end of July 2024 and is subject to availability and geographic coverage. 

Don’t score an own goal… try Brown Recycling!