Additional Support For Grassroots Football Clubs

Staffordshire FA are delighted to formalise a partnership with local charity Support Staffordshire.

AdditionalSupport For Grassroots Football Clubs

Staffordshire FA are delighted to formalise a partnership with local charity Support Staffordshire, with the aim of providing our member clubs with the opportunity to access the additional support which is provided by Support Staffordshire to voluntary groups, including grassroots sports clubs.

Over recent years Support Staffordshire have provided bespoke support to various grassroots football clubs across Staffordshire, and we’re now encouraging more clubs to embrace the support which is available to clubs in various areas including:

  • Finding funding opportunities
  • Applying for funding
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Club structure options

During the 2023/24 Season, we will be hosting online workshops with Support Staffordshire, to explain more about the support that grassroots sports clubs are able to access via their services.

The first of those workshops, focusing on funding, will take place on the evening of Monday 23 October 2023. Please click here to register.

Further details will be sent out to clubs in due course with regards to future workshops, but in the meantime please find below a summary of support which is available from Support Staffordshire, should any clubs wish to contact the organisation in advance of that first workshop, which we would certainly encourage.

Support Staffordshire Overview

Here at Support Staffordshire, we know how hard it can be to run a charity or voluntary group, but also how vital these groups are to the local community. Grassroots football clubs are so important as it helps to keep people active, but also brings people together and creates a great sense of community. We believe in supporting and empowering groups like you to enable you to continue to serve the community in the very best way possible.

If you become a member of Support Staffordshire, you will receive 10 hours free support for the first year of membership from your dedicated Locality Officer. Following that, you will receive 3 hours support every year after that. The support we can offer you includes:

  • Funding & Fundraising – identify funds you can apply for, develop your skills around funding applications and tenders, provide opportunities to meet major funders, such as Big Lottery, produce a realistic budget, develop your funding applications, refine your applications through feedback on draft applications, proof-reading applications.
  • Involving Volunteers – advertising & recruiting volunteers, selecting & interviewing volunteers, volunteer induction & support, volunteer training & development, recognising & rewarding volunteers, problem solving, information and support on producing documents such as volunteer policies and role descriptions, good practice advice for managing your volunteers, helpful suggestions for dealing with volunteers in difficult situations.
  • Policies & Procedures – we can support and advise clubs on many policies and procedures, these are some of our common ones, but we can also support clubs who need something more bespoke; health and safety, safeguarding, data protection, information management, equalities, complaints, comments and compliments, conflicts of interest, communications, whistleblowing.
  • Governance & Trustees – governance can help to have a clear direction for your club, as well as providing leadership and accountability. We can help you with choosing the right legal structure, developing your governing document, charity registration, director and trustee roles and responsibilities, and supporting chairs, treasurers, and secretaries.

Workshop 1: Fundraising – Support with Accessing Grants

The first workshop Support Staffordshire will be delivering in partnership with Staffordshire FA, will focus on introducing the services provided by Support Staffordshire, in addition to advice around fundraising and accessing grants for your club.

This workshop will take place online on the evening of Monday 23 October 2023 at 7.00pm and further information will be communicated to Staffordshire FA member clubs shortly.

Becoming a Member of Support Staffordshire

If your club would like to explore becoming a member of Support Staffordshire and accessing the support available ahead of the workshop, please visit Support Staffordshire or email Katie Hughes at: katie.hughes@supportstaffordshire.org.uk