Active Through Stoke Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Ashley Willis
Active Through Stoke celebrated its one-year anniversary this month (March).

Active Through Stoke Project Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Active Through Stoke, a project focused on promoting physical activity opportunities within local communities, celebrated its one-year anniversary this month (March).

The project aims to provide free or low-cost physical activity opportunities to participants while allowing them to have ownership over their sessions.

Thanks to funding from Sport England & Football Foundation, Stoke will continue to support communities in getting active over the next five years. The project predominantly operates in Burslem and Blurton, making it accessible to all abilities and offering opportunities to learn new skills and ways to get active.

Active Through Stoke provides a wide range of sessions, including fitness classes, walking football, indoor curling, mindfulness, and more. The project is a joint partnership between Stoke City, Staffordshire FA, Port Vale Foundation Trust, Engage Communities, City of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire University, and Together Active. This collaboration ensures the sharing of experience and learnings from local communities and people from the identified wards.

The long-term goal of the project is to support the development of a local workforce to enable communities to take on the delivery of activities to ensure long-term sustainability.

Naomi Parton, Active Through Football Project Manager, said: “The last 12 months of Active Through Stoke has been very eye-opening and we have realised very quickly that this project is not just about delivering physical activity, it’s about understanding the needs of the community and making an impact on people – not just on their physical health but their mental health too. 

“It gives them development opportunities, employment opportunities and work placements. It’s given us the opportunity to take them to football matches which a lot of the individuals haven’t had the opportunity for previously.”

Active Through Stoke is an excellent opportunity for residents of Stoke-on-Trent to improve their health and wellbeing while being a part of a vibrant community of individuals committed to staying active. Join the project today and be a part of the movement towards healthier living!