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Autism Awareness Weekend

Over 35 clubs and leagues have pledged their support for the Autism Awareness in Staffordshire Football campaign.


Over 35 football clubs and leagues in Staffordshire have pledged their support for the Autism Awareness in Staffordshire Football campaign, which will take place this weekend.

The Staffordshire FA has provided Inclusion Champions with 3m x 1m banners to display at their facilities all year round, complete with a QR code that individuals can scan for more information. The campaign encourages autism awareness throughout the year, and the Staffordshire FA has created a dedicated area on its website to educate people about autism and its impact on football.

The Staffordshire FA will also be present at Port Vale FC's Fanzone on Saturday, from 12pm to 3pm, where flyers and goodie bags with fidget toys will be distributed, and people can take part in the Autism Awareness Quiz. The campaign has also dedicated all Staffordshire Cup finals this season to Autism Awareness in Staffordshire Football, with the logo and QR code displayed in match programmes, captain's armbands, banners, and more.

The next Autism Awareness Workshop is scheduled for Thursday 20th April 2023, from 6.30pm to 9.30pm, at Burntwood Youth Centre, and is open to coaches, managers, referees, committee members, parents, and volunteers in Staffordshire. It's a free workshop, and participants can find more information and book a place here.

The Staffordshire FA invites everyone to share how they're getting involved with the campaign on social media by tagging @StaffordshireFA and using the #AutismAwareness. The campaign aims to raise awareness of autism in football and make the sport more inclusive for everyone.