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Neve's Story

Neve Collins, the daughter of Staffordshire FA's Vicky Collins, suffers from a rare and debilitating condition called PANDAS.

Neve Collins, the daughter of Staffordshire FA staff member Vicky Collins, suffers from a rare and debilitating condition called PANDAS.

To help raise money for Neve's cause, members of the Staffordshire FA are embarking on the ‘United For Neve’ tour of Staffordshire, visiting every single National League System club.

Neve expresses her gratitude for the support she has received, saying, "I’m shocked at all of the support really. I want to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart and how much I appreciate it."

Neve's condition began with a streptococcal infection that caused her body to attack her brain, leading to involuntary ticks, seizures, and anxiety. Despite trying various treatments, none had the desired effect, and the last option, IVIG, could only be performed in the United States.

However, Neve remains positive, engaging in activities such as playing the guitar, singing, doing art, and playing gymnastics. Her TikTok account, with 95,000 followers, is dedicated to raising awareness about her condition.

According to Vicky, Neve's ticks and seizures started suddenly and spiralled into a snowball effect. The family tries hard to provide a normal life for Neve's younger sister while ensuring Neve's safety. 

Vicky is grateful for the support they have received and thanks everyone for their donations and participation in the ‘United For Neve’ tour. She is also moved by the overwhelming support from the football community, with whom she has developed genuine friendships.

Despite the challenges, Neve's spirit remains indomitable. "A lot of people would describe me as brave, but I don't see that myself," she says. "Bravery, for me, is something that you choose to do. I don't have a choice to live the way I live." Neve's courage, determination, and positive attitude continue to inspire those around her and raise awareness of PANDAS, a condition that is often misdiagnosed.