Affiliation Window Now Open

The affiliation process for the 2023-24 season is now open.


Significant changes have been made to the affiliation process for the upcoming 2023-24 season.

The new process aims to streamline and improve the experience for clubs in Staffordshire, offering greater flexibility, enhanced safeguarding measures, and improved customer service. These changes come into effect on June 19th, signaling the opening of the affiliation window for Staffordshire clubs.

In a departure from the previous Whole Game System, The FA has implemented the Club Portal as the new platform for the affiliation process. This user-friendly system replaces the previous method, making it more efficient and accessible for clubs to complete their affiliation requirements.

One of the key changes is the shift from Club Affiliation to Team Affiliation. Now, individual teams can affiliate as soon as they meet the necessary criteria, eliminating the need for an entire club to wait for all teams to comply. This change provides greater flexibility, allowing clubs to set themselves up and add teams gradually as they meet the affiliation requirements.

Committed to providing excellent customer service, Staffordshire FA has received positive feedback from 90% of its members, reflecting high levels of satisfaction. In line with this commitment, the association is adding three additional positions to its staff structure to enhance support for Staffordshire Football. These additions will further improve the quality of service provided to members, ensuring their needs are met effectively.

To ensure affordability and fairness, Staffordshire FA has introduced changes to the affiliation fee structure. The previous "Club Fee" has been replaced with a "Team Fee," taking into account various factors such as customer service and overall support. The revised pricing structure aims to strike a balance between reasonable fees and maintaining the association's commitment to delivering exceptional services. The new per-team fees are as follows:

Professional Teams: £90
National League System Teams: £50
Adult Teams (19+): £30
Youth Teams: £10

For further assistance or inquiries regarding the affiliation process, clubs are encouraged to reach out to Staffordshire FA's dedicated support team via email at Support@StaffordshireFA.com or by calling 01785 256994. The association is ready to assist and provide guidance, contributing to another successful and enjoyable season for Staffordshire Football.