Volunteer of The Month

December & January Volunteer of The Month

Paul Davies of Lichfield City has been awarded the Staffordshire FA's Volunteer of the Month for December/January.

Paul Davies, the Manager of Lichfield City FC's Under 12s and Under 17s teams, has been awarded the Staffordshire FA's Volunteer of the Month for December/January.

His dedication to both teams is truly admirable, and his contributions to grassroots football are immense.

Paul's schedule is demanding, with weekly training sessions from 7 to 9pm and matches on Sundays. Despite his full-time job and young family, Paul devotes much of his free time to researching new drills and planning training sessions, making sure that the kids stay engaged.

Paul has been coaching for 10 years, and has positively impacted the lives of many young players. He has been coaching the Under 12s since they were aged six, and has recently brought a team back together for the Under 17s. With 31 young players currently under his guidance, Paul instils a strong team ethos and has a lasting impact on their lives.

Paul's sacrifices are numerous, but he does it all out of the goodness of his heart. He hates letting the players down, and often puts their needs ahead of his own. On Sundays, he is out of the house from early morning to late afternoon, week in and week out, in all weather conditions. This takes away from family time, but Paul sees it as a worthwhile sacrifice for the players he loves.

His dedication to the sport and the players is truly inspiring, and he is a shining example of the impact that volunteers can have in the lives of young people.

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