coach development network

Staffordshire FA Launch Coach Development Network

The epicentre for all things related to Coach Development, our goal is to provide elite-level experiences, support, mentoring, and networking.

The Staffordshire FA is excited to unveil the Coach Development Network (CDN).

Serving as the epicentre for all things related to Staffordshire Football Coach Development, our primary goal is to provide elite-level coach development experiences accompanied by unparalleled support, mentoring, and networking opportunities.

Tailored to coaches at every level, the Staffordshire Coach Development Network is your go-to resource, whether you're a playmaker coach or hold a pro license.

The Coach Development Network is available in two different tiers as follows;

Tier One - £25.00 

  • Access to 240 hours of coach development opportunities  
  • All development opportunities included with primary access to sign up before the general public.
  • Access to SFA Coach Development Resources 
  • Monthly Coach Development meetings
  • Access to Coach development leads
  • Coaching assessments & support 
  • UEFA C & B application support


Tier Two* - £35.00

  • Includes all of Tier One plus;
  • Access to a Coach Development Mentor, 1-1 support
  • Visits from a Coach Development Mentor at sessions
  • Online Coach mentor support sessions


There are a number of perks for everyone who joins the Coach Development Network, including access to Net World Sports kit & equipment vouchers, International ticket prize draw, funding opportunities, discount on Net World Sports kit & equipment & Staffordshire FA’s Coaching conference.

*Tier Two is applications only.