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Clubs Unlock Their Potential

Staffordshire FA recently ran its first-ever "Developing Clubs Together: Unlocking Your Potential" event.


Staffordshire FA ran its first-ever "Developing Clubs Together: Unlocking Your Potential" event at Brocton FC on Monday 14th August.

The event proved to be an invaluable resource for local clubs, thanks to a series of insightful workshops led by the dedicated team from Staffordshire FA and grassroots teams.

The evening was a dynamic platform, providing attendees with a diverse range of workshops that catered to various aspects of club growth and enhancement.

The event covered a wide spectrum of topics, all aimed at equipping clubs with the tools they need to thrive:

  • Female Pathway - Wildcats and SQUAD
  • Disability Pathway
  • Funding and Grants
  • Facility Maintenance & Development
  • Club Accreditation

The value of the evening extended beyond the workshops. All attending clubs were presented with an exclusive opportunity to join the Staffordshire FA Club Development Programme for the 2023-24 season. By participating, clubs embark on a journey of improvement, with the ultimate goal of achieving significant developmental milestones within the next 12 months.