harvey hurd

Young Volunteer of The Year

Harvey Hurd has been named as Staffordshire FA’s Young Volunteer of The Year for 2022-23.

young volunteer of the year 

Harvey Hurd has been named as Staffordshire FA’s Young Volunteer of The Year for 2022-23.

Having displayed an early passion for coaching, Harvey approached Coven United with a desire to cultivate his coaching skills and pursue it as a future profession.

Since the start of the season, Harvey has taken on the responsibility of coaching U8 to U13 age groups. His commitment is truly commendable, as he crafts Personal Development Plans and consistently shares his acquired knowledge and insights with fellow coaches. Harvey's dedication shines through as he meticulously tailors his coaching sessions to cater to diverse age groups, establishing strong bonds with each team.

Harvey has since continued his journey with Bilbrook Juniors FC.

Despite the challenges of juggling his academic responsibilities, including GCSEs, Harvey's dedication to enhancing his coaching prowess remains evident. He effortlessly integrates innovative concepts into his training sessions, consistently contributing fresh ideas to elevate the overall training experience.

Harvey's journey is all the more inspiring considering his role as a young carer for his parents. His compassionate and positive demeanour serves as a testament to his character, and his involvement in football provides a platform for him to pursue his passion while making a tangible difference.

He embodies the spirit of an exceptional young coach, consistently pushing the boundaries of his capabilities and enriching the football community. His presence in any team undoubtedly contributes to the betterment of both the game and the world at large.

You can now buy tickets for our second-ever 'Celebrating Staffordshire Football' awards evening on Friday 15th September at Uttoxeter Racecourse. The presentation, which incorporates a three-course-dinner, will showcase and celebrate the outstanding achievements, projects and volunteers across the ever-growing grassroots game we all love.