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Grassroots League of The Year

The Mid Staffs Junior League has been named as Staffordshire FA’s Grassroots League of The Year for the 2022-23 season.


The Mid Staffs Junior League has been named as Staffordshire FA’s Grassroots League of The Year for the 2022-23 season.

From its inception, the Mid Staffs Junior League has demonstrated a forward-thinking approach to the sport. A testament to its relentless pursuit of excellence is the league's resolute focus on fostering a culture of respect and addressing discipline issues head-on, often in close collaboration with the County FA. This proactive stance has not only elevated the league's standing but has also set a commendable precedent for others to follow.

One of the key pillars that underpins the league's success is its emphasis on community engagement and volunteerism. Recognising the crucial role that volunteers play in shaping the future of the sport, the Mid Staffs Junior League has diligently worked to expand its pool of dedicated volunteers. This concerted effort has not only supported the league's growth but has also reinforced its ability to cater to a wide age range, spanning from Under 7's to Under 18's.

Central to the league's expansion strategy has been a meticulous approach to venue selection. By strategically centralising venues in tandem with local facilities and National League System clubs, the Mid Staffs Junior League has been able to accommodate an increasing number of teams season after season. This proactive approach has created a ripple effect, enhancing the overall football experience for players, coaches, parents, and spectators.

A standout achievement of the Mid Staffs Junior League has been its successful collaboration with Staffordshire FA in upholding and championing the ‘respect’ campaign. The league's robust support of the initiative is evident through the provision of Respect Marshal bibs to all clubs, underscoring the league's proactive role in promoting a respectful and harmonious playing environment. Through regular check-ins and open communication with clubs, the league maintains high standards of conduct, fostering a safe haven for football enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the Mid Staffs Junior League's commitment to innovation is palpable through its participation in various football initiatives. Its involvement in the silent football weekend, where the league hosted the research team during its inaugural edition, highlights its willingness to embrace novel ideas and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of the sport.

You can now buy tickets for our second-ever 'Celebrating Staffordshire Football' awards evening on Friday 15th September at Uttoxeter Racecourse. The presentation, which incorporates a three-course-dinner, will showcase and celebrate the outstanding achievements, projects and volunteers across the ever-growing grassroots game we all love.