john bailey holding his award

Grassroots Coach of The Year (Male Pathway)

John Bailey from Madeley White Star FC has been awarded Staffordshire FA’s Grassroots Coach of The Year (Male Pathway).

Grassroots Coach of The Year (Male Pathway). 

John Bailey from Madeley White Star FC has been awarded Staffordshire FA’s Grassroots Coach of The Year (Male Pathway).

In the heart of the Madeley community, one man's unwavering dedication and passion have transformed the local grassroots football scene.

Amidst the demands of a full-time job and family responsibilities, John wears multiple hats at Madeley White Star FC. He is not just a Director, Groundsman, and Treasurer; he also serves as the Manager of two U16s teams. But his contributions extend far beyond his role on the field.

For years, John has championed a project to enhance the facilities at Manor Road. A clubhouse facility was his vision, and since 2017, he has been the driving force behind it. Despite many hurdles, John's unwavering determination and positivity persevered. He navigated through the storm of rising material costs due to global events and redesigned the clubhouse within a tight budget.

Recently, the fruits of John's labour manifested as Madeley White Star FC secured funding approval for the clubhouse facility. This achievement promises much-needed changing rooms, toilets, a social space, and a kitchen area. Beyond the club's boundaries, this new facility will benefit the wider community, creating a hub for football enthusiasts and visitors alike.

John's influence extends beyond construction projects. His impact on the growth of grassroots football in the area is awe-inspiring. Participation at Madeley White Star FC has nearly quadrupled under his guidance. He's not just a coach – he's a mentor who instills values that transcend the pitch. Players under John's wing learn more than football skills; they learn the values of friendship, teamwork, sportsmanship, and integrity.

This passion for fostering a positive environment stems from personal experience. John's journey as a coach began when he witnessed inappropriate behaviour from a youth team manager. Determined to provide a safe and supportive space for players, John took the reins of an under 8s team. His coaching philosophy revolves around growth and development, emphasising that mistakes are opportunities to learn.

In a world where volunteers are rare gems, John shines brightly. His contributions have propelled Madeley White Star FC into a new era of success, both on and off the pitch. His story is a testament to the power of determination, positivity, and a deep love for the game. John Bailey is not just a coach; he's a beacon of inspiration, a true grassroots hero.