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Grassroots Club of The Year

Wyrley Juniors has been honoured as Staffordshire FA's Club of the Year for the 2022-23 season.

Wyrley Juniors has been honoured as Staffordshire FA's Club of the Year for the 2022-23 season.

This accolade is a testament to the club's exceptional commitment to both the sport and its local community.

Standing as a beacon of inspiration, Wyrley Juniors has not only excelled on the pitch but has also demonstrated unwavering support for social causes. As a shining example of inclusivity, the club actively participates in Staffordshire FA's Autism Awareness Weekend. Additionally, the club's junior players proudly serve as ballboys during First team games, bridging the gap between age groups and fostering a sense of unity.

With their unyielding dedication, Wyrley Juniors maintained their prestigious three-star England accreditation, even as the largest club in the county. Their remarkable achievements extend beyond the pitch, encompassing a range of community-focused initiatives. The club proudly hosts SQUAD Girls football sessions and operates three Weetabix Wildcats Centres. Notably, Wyrley Juniors spearheads a successful Just Play center and has established a second team dedicated to autistic players, showcasing their commitment to inclusivity.

A true embodiment of community engagement, Wyrley Juniors has launched their own Respect Weekend, solidifying their status as a genuine community football club. The club's compassion and generosity know no bounds, as evidenced by their remarkable contributions. Over £2k was raised for the poppy appeal, and an impressive £20k was amassed over the past decade. Their charitable efforts extend to providing meals for elderly individuals on New Year's Eve, donating food to local food banks, and even aiding causes on an international scale.

While fostering football talent is a priority, Wyrley Juniors takes a holistic approach, emphasising personal development alongside athletic prowess. This approach is exemplified by their partnerships with institutions such as Wolverhampton University, Walsall FC, Wolves Ladies, and Great Wyrley Academy. These collaborations offer young players opportunities to develop leadership skills, team dynamics, and event management expertise.

In recognition of their monumental contributions, Wyrley Juniors received runner-up honours in The Sports & Recreation Alliance National Awards in March 2023. This achievement underscores the club's standing as a remarkable force in the world of sports and beyond.

Wyrley Juniors' commitment to growth and improvement is unwavering. They've expanded their offerings by introducing 19 new teams for the 2022-23 season, providing playing opportunities for over 300 players. These initiatives are part of the club's larger mission to provide football for all, emphasising the joy of playing over mere victory.

Through their actions, Wyrley Juniors has demonstrated that football is not just a sport, but a vehicle for positive change and community betterment. Their remarkable journey serves as an inspiration to clubs and organisations nationwide, solidifying their reputation as a true standout in the world of sports and social impact.

You can now buy tickets for our second-ever 'Celebrating Staffordshire Football' awards evening on Friday 15th September at Uttoxeter Racecourse. The presentation, which incorporates a three-course-dinner, will showcase and celebrate the outstanding achievements, projects and volunteers across the ever-growing grassroots game we all love.