Jo Waldron holding her award

Coach of The Year Female Pathway

Joanne Waldron from Berkswich Girls has been awarded Grassroots Coach of The Year award for the Female Pathway.


Joanne Waldron from Berkswich Girls has been awarded the prestigious Staffordshire FA Grassroots Coach of The Year award for the Female Pathway.

Jo's unwavering commitment to her players and her ability to instill confidence and growth in her team members have left an indelible mark on the lives of these young players.

Joanne, or Jo as she is fondly known, manages a demanding professional career as a vet, yet she never fails to prioritise her role as a coach for Berkswich Girls. Her commitment goes above and beyond, as she tirelessly dedicates her time to ensure that each girl thrives not only on the field but also in life. 

One of Jo's most admirable traits is her ability to treat all the girls equally, fostering an environment of inclusivity and support. As the calmest coach around, she creates a space where every player feels valued and encouraged, bringing out the best in each one. The impact of her coaching goes beyond just the game; it has a profound effect on the girls' confidence and social skills.

Numerous trips and tournaments organised by Jo allow the girls to immerse themselves in football, creating cherished memories with their friends on and off the pitch. The experiences gained through these events not only enhance their football skills but also teach them valuable life lessons in teamwork, resilience, and sportsmanship.

Joanne’s dedication to her team has touched the lives of not only the players but also their families. The positive changes observed in the players, such as increased happiness, improved health, and heightened self-assurance, are a testament to Jo's exceptional coaching abilities.

She exemplifies the true essence of grassroots coaching, where a dedicated individual creates an environment where young talents flourish and find their potential. Her coaching legacy will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the hearts of all those she has touched, forever reminding them of the power of a caring mentor in nurturing young dreams.

You can now buy tickets for our second-ever 'Celebrating Staffordshire Football' awards evening on Friday 15th September at Uttoxeter Racecourse. The presentation, which incorporates a three-course-dinner, will showcase and celebrate the outstanding achievements, projects and volunteers across the ever-growing grassroots game we all love.