Jodie Lowe

Jodie Lowe Wins Volunteer of The Year

"Jodie goes above and beyond for our team."

Jodie Lowe of Biddulph Cannons is our Volunteer of The Year for 2021-22.

The England Football and McDonald’s Grassroots Football Awards are to recognise and celebrate the people who put their heart and soul into the grassroots game across England, and to say a huge thank you to the incredible volunteers who inspire us all. 

Kev Armitt, who nominated Jodie, said: "Jodie is our Club Secretary. Everyone probably thinks they have the best Secretary at their Club but Jodie goes above and beyond for our team.

"She is in charge of pretty much everything from fundraising, fixtures, friendlies, tournaments, club meetings, organising parties, seasonal treats for the kids, random treats for the kids, communication between parents and the club, social media accounts, the lot!

"We've been a team for 4 years now and she hasn't ever done anything by half. Fully committed to making sure our team go without nothing. She is the organiser and allows myself (coach) and the manager (her husband) to basically just turn up and do the 'fun' stuff at training and games.

"She is one of two CWO'S at our club and brings any issues that arise to us in a heartbeat. She is on the ball with everything and we wouldn't be a Club that has lasted as long as we have without her! The children ALWAYS come first, as they should do!"