Organ Donation Week

Organ Donation Week 2021

The week runs from Monday 20 to Sunday 26 September

Staffordshire FA is proud to be supporting this year’s Organ Donation Week between Monday 20 and Sunday 26 September.

This Organ Donation Week, the NHS is inspiring families across the UK to have a conversation about organ donation.
Although the law around organ donation has changed to an opt out system in many parts of the UK, your family will still be consulted if organ donation is a possibility and clinicians will never proceed if your family or loved ones object. Each year, hundreds of opportunities for transplants are missed because families aren't sure what to do.
However, 9 in 10 families support organ donation going ahead if they knew what their loved one wanted.
Whether you wish to become a donor or not, recording your decision on the Organ Donation Register and talking to your loved ones will ensure your wishes are known and understood.
You can register your decision on the NHS Organ Donation Register HERE

To find useful tips on starting a conversation with your family, click HERE

To join the conversation online, use the hashtag #OrganDonationWeek