First Aid Level 1

A Medical Update from Staffordshire FA

Please see information on defibrillators, the SCA course and CRP below

With many people keen to increase their medical knowledge and awareness during the off-season, Staffordshire FA would like to share the following updates on defibrillators, the Sudden Cardiac Arrest module and CPR during COVID-19. 

To all clubs who are looking to purchase a defibrillator at a discounted price, please see this information sheet which provides details on the IPAD SP1 defibrillator, available from 

As we have seen during recent high-profile cases, an AED can help to save a life and ideally should be considered as a part of the first aid equipment at any club. If anyone wishes to receive further training in first aid care in football, then please visit The FA’s medical page for additional resources.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Online Course

We would also like to remind everybody about the Sudden Cardiac Arrest course, currently available on the Boot Room here. The FA developed a Sudden Cardiac Arrest e-learning in 2017 and this module is free to complete. It will prepare you to respond should the unthinkable happen in any of your settings. Rapid action saves lives, so anyone who hasn’t completed this module is encouraged to take it and those who have can also do so to refresh their knowledge. 

CPR during COVID-19

Clearly there remain concerns regarding COVID-19 and The Boot Room also has information on the provision of CPR during COVID-19. Next week, the First Aid guidance will be updated showing for those clubs taking up the NHS offer of free twice-weekly lateral flow testing that the additional steps for the provision of CPR can be reduced in these settings and it is recommended that all clubs take up the offer of the free screening.

For more information on medical training – and any other coaching support and resources – please visit the FA Boot Room here: