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Staffordshire FA Coaching CPD Events

These sessions will be delivered by Sam Griffiths and Matt Jones

Staffordshire FA is pleased to announce that we’ll be delivering a number of online Coaching CPD Events throughout the year, starting in February with a Foundation Phase session on ‘Games and Play.’

These sessions will be delivered by:

Sam Griffiths

CPD Regional Coach Development Officer for women’s and girls in the West Midlands
Head Coach Derby County Women FC
A license coach
L1 - 3 coach educator

Matt Jones

CPD Regional Coach Development Officer (Equality and Diversity) West Midlands
Dad first, coach second, coach educator third.
Happy to share the benefit of coaching experiences having coached for 20+ years (Youth & Adult)
Currently a coach with the University of Worcester Women’s FC
Passion for developing people; enjoy working in a development environment in the day and performance environment away from work

For further information and to book, please see the information below: 

THURSDAY 25 FEBRUARY (7.30-8.30pm) 

Foundation Phase – Games and Play

What is this workshop about?

In this workshop we explore play and its importance to child development as we focus on the role coaches have in creating fun, engaging environments. When are we having a game? Those six words can be tough to hear, but we can’t ignore them. By taking a more playful approach to training and using games and free play children have more fun and more freedom.

During this session we will look at different examples of games and challenges that children will enjoy. We will discuss how you can build learning and development into games, and how this balance can help young players fall in love with football. During this workshop we will explore these ideas in the classroom and through practical activities and games with children on the pitch.

What are the learning outcomes?

• Understand the coach’s role in creating a fun and engaging environment that ultimately leads to lifelong enjoyment of the game
• An understanding of how important play is, and what play can look like for children playing football in the Foundation Phase
• A recognition of how games can be used as a learning tool to foster play, enjoyment and development for children.


THURSDAY 29 APRIL (7.30-8.30PM)

Youth Phase – Creating Positive Playing Experiences

What is this workshop about?

In this workshop we look at engaging teenage players and how to tackle the high drop-out rates we see all too often in this age group. So, what’s behind this trend? Research suggests players choose to stop playing for many reasons. One of the main reasons shaping their choice is the quality of their experience, in both training and matches.

Young adolescent boys and girls are going through a lot of changes and it’s essential for us to understand who the youngsters are as people, why they play and what they want from their experience. During this workshop we look at how coaches can better understand, build relationships with, and engage boys and girls in this age group. We will explore what this looks like on and off the pitch, and the impact this has on their playing experience.

What are the learning outcomes?

We will explore how we can engage YDP players with awesome football experiences, focusing on:

• Gain a better understanding of your players
• The players’ stage of social and psychological development
• Play, practice and competition. What should it look like for this age group and how should it feel?


Tuesday 8 June 2021 (7pm till 8.30pm)

We are delighted to confirm that we will be holding an opportunity for coaches to attend a Virtual Workshop on Para Football Talent Identification on 8 June, led by The FA Para Football Talent Team.

The aim of the session is to support coaches who deliver any football activity to support recruitment for the FA Para Football Talent Pathway. 

68% of current players within National Emerging Talent (with the exception of the B1 and Powerchair Pathway) are currently playing mainstream football.

The FA Para Football Talent Pathway Overview

What is Para Football? Classifications, The Player’s Journey and The Referral Process

Date – Tuesday 8 June 2021

Time – 7pm till 8.30pm

Via Teams (Link to be sent out shortly before)

Cost – Free

Register your place here  

TUESDAY 29 JUNE (7.30-8.30PM)

Foundation Phase – Beginning to combine with team-mates

What is this workshop about?

We will look at how teamwork can be used to bring further benefits to your players. To help do this, you develop an understanding of the psychology behind a player’s decision making - one player may be unwilling to share the ball whereas others will recognise the benefits of combining to maximise situations. 

To combat this, the workshop will contain a practical and theory element, meaning you will leave with practices and games to help your players better understand when and how to share the ball.

What are the learning outcomes?

• To further develop the role of the coach in fostering an environment of fun and engagement that ultimately leads to lifelong enjoyment of the game
• An exploration of the psychological development of children around their willingness to share and work together
• An understanding of how coaches can start to help children recognise when to combine with other players and how this may lead to a greater effectiveness in the game


MONDAY 30 AUGUST (7.30-8.30PM)

Youth Phase – Principles of Play in Practice

What is this workshop about?

In this workshop we explore how to help players learn the principles of play through game-related practice. In order for players to better understand the game, they need lots of opportunities to practice in game-realistic situations. Understanding principles of play in the game, both individually and collectively, is vital for players as they develop.

In this workshop we share some simple games to use at training which will provide opportunities for players to learn and help coaches observe the principles of play in action. We discuss how to create sessions like these, and discuss the importance of the principles of play when designing practice to aid the development of players.

What are the learning outcomes?

We will explore how we can create game-related practices that bring out the principles of play, focusing on:

• Some simple game designs
• Further clarity on the principles of play
• How this impacts player development


Once you have registered your interest in an event, a webinar link will be sent out to you on the day. If you have any questions, please email 


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