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Returning to Football Webinar for Clubs

We are going to hold a drop-in webinar on Wednesday 19 August between 7-8pm

In order to mitigate risk during the COVID-19 pandemic, clubs have been advised to follow FA guidance, which can be found on this section of our website.  

We have also had videos created for clubs and referees, which can be viewed on our YouTube channel via the links below.



There are a few steps that Staffordshire FA recommend you follow:

1.    Decide who will fulfil the COVID Officer(s) role

2.    Speak with your facility provider and obtain their risk assessment or COVID guidance. If a club has its own site or a long-term lease then this is a club responsibility. This is not something which a club will be able to complete if they don’t own the facility, as they cannot decide if the toilets or changing rooms are open or if there is a limit to the number of people on site. *Please note there is separate guidance for clubs within the National League System, Step 7 and contributory leagues to the Football Pyramid.

3.    Once armed with the facility guidance, complete the FA COVID Risk Assessment Template for the football activity. This may then be simplified into findings or do’s/don’ts. 

4.    Share the Risk Assessment or findings with parents, players, colleagues and any opposition who may be coming to your site to play.

5.    During a football activity coaches and players must complete a self-assessment as to their current health, with the additional COVID specific questions. A record should be kept of the players and coaches in attendance during that session or game.

6.    Should anyone suspect that they may have symptoms, they should follow the Government guidance around Test and Trace, which can be found HERE


We understand that there may be questions around this, so in addition to our usual email and phone support we are going to hold a drop-in webinar on Wednesday 19 August between 7-8pm. To join this meeting, please use the link below at 7pm on the day.