County Youth U15

Staffordshire FA Member Clubs List - Updated 21 August 2020

An updated list will be provided regularly

The Staffordshire FA can confirm that so far 410 Clubs have successfully completed their membership for the 2020/2021 season

All clubs listed are therefore eligible to take part in friendly matches from 1st August and their league programmes when they resume. All clubs are requested to check this list prior to their teams playing any matches.

Latest club list

(Chuckery) Duke of York
A.F.C Eccleshall
A.F.C. Kidsgrove
Abbey Hulton United
Abbey Hulton United Youth FC
Abbots Bromley F.C.
Abbots Bromley Junior
Academy 66 Football Development
Adderley Green
AFC Bird in Hand
AFC Bradmore
AFC Castle Mona
AFC Gnosall
AFC Ipstones
AFC Moorland Juniors
AFC Moorlands
AFC Norton
AFC Ollys
AFC Perton
AFC Wetley Victoria Juniors
AFC Willenhall
AFC Willenhall (Adult)
AFC Wulstan
Alton FC
Appleby Village
Audley & District
Audley Juniors
Ball Green Academy
Ball Haye Green
Ball Haye Green Youth
Beechdale Junior Boys
Bentilee Bulldogs
Bentilee FC
Bentilee Juniors FC
Bentilee Sharks FC
Bentilee Stormvogels
Bentilee Trojans FC
Bentley Community
Berkswich Girls FC
Betley Youth
Biddulph Athletic FC
Biddulph Cannons
Biddulph Celtic
Biddulph Potters Juniors
Biddulph Predators
Biddulph Raiders FC
Biddulph Rovers
Biddulph Sharks u7
Biddulph Town FC
Biddulph Valley Rangers U11
Bignall End
Bilbrook FC
Bilbrook Juniors
Bilston Town Community Football Club
Bilston Town Community Football Club (Youth)
Birches Head FC
Birches Head Rangers FC
Bird In Hand (Cheadle)
Black Cock FC
Black Country Colts
Black Country Fusion FC
Black Country Hunters FC
Blakenall Heath FC
Bloxwich Governors F C
Bloxwich Town FC (Juniors)
Blurton FC
Blurton Reds
Blurton Reds (Adults)
Blurton Reds Ladies
Blythe Bridge Junior
Bradwell F.C.
Bradwell FC (Girls)
Bradwell FC (Youth)
Breaks Athletic
Brereton Lion
Brereton Social
Brereton Social Youth
Brereton Town AFC
Brereton Town Juniors
Brewood Juniors
Brown Edge
Brownhills Community Colts
Burntwood Dragons
Burntwood Dragons Adults
Burntwood FC
Burntwood Victoria
Burslem United
Burton Manor
Bushbury FC
Bushbury Tigers FC
Butt Lane White Star
Canal Tavern
Canal Tavern Kidsgrove
Cannock Town Juniors
Cannock United FC
Castlecroft Rangers
Caverswall Allstars
Chase Colts
Chase Predators Juniors
Chase Wanderers
Chasetown FC
Chasetown Youth
Chasetown Youth Girls
Cheadle Rovers FC
Cheadle S.M.U. Youth
Cheadle Town
Cheadle United
Cheshire Cheese FC
Chesterton A.F.C
Chesterton A.F.C. Juniors
Chesterton Youth Club
Churnet Valley
City of Stoke Football Club (Adults)
City of Stoke Football Club Girls
City of Stoke Football Club Youth
City of Stoke Women Football Club
Congress Town
Coven Athletic
Coven United
Cresswell Wanderers
Cresswell Wanderers (Adult)
Cresswell Wanderers Ladies
Cuckoo Albion
Doveridge FC
Doveridge Juniors Girls
Doveridge LFC
Duke Of Wellington
Eastwood Hanley (Seniors)
Eastwood Hanley FC
Eccleshall Eagles Juniors
Eccleshall FC Juniors
Elford Boys
Endon Juniors
Essington AFC
Essington AFC (Adults)
F.C. Perton
F.C. Werrington
FC 41
FC Biddulph Tigers
FC Gnosall
FC Lambourne
FC Princess Royal
FC Red Lion
FC Robin Hood
FC Werrington Tigers
Five Ways FC
Florence Youth
Foley Meir FC
Fountain United
Four Oaks Club
Fulford United (Senior)
Global Vision
Great Haywood
Halmerend CIC FC
Hamptons Metals FC
Hanley Town Academy
Hanley Town Academy Girls
Hanley Town FC
Harrisons FC
Hawkins Sports (Saturday)
Hawkins Sports Juniors
Hayes Jaguars
Hazlehurst FC
Heath Hayes
Hednesford Harriers JFC
Hednesford Town Girls
Hednesford Town JDS
Hednesford Town YDS
Hednesford United Girls
Holditch Grange FC
Holditch Miners FC
Holy Name
Homestead FC
Hornets United Girls
Hornets United JFC
Huntington Harriers
Huthman FC
JCB Lakeside FC
Jollees FC
Jolly Carter (Middleport)
Kidsgrove Athletic Community FC
Kidsgrove Athletic Girls FC
Kidsgrove Athletic Youth
Kidsgrove Football Club
Kidsgrove Saints FC
Kidsgrove Sharks
Kidsgrove United FC
Knave of Clubs FC
Knutton Community FC
Knypersley Knights
Knypersley Vics Lions
Knypersley Vics Scorpions FC
Knypersley Vics Youth
Lane Head
Lane Head Adults FC
Lane Head Girls
Lea Hall Youth
Leek C.S.O.B Youth
Leek C.S.O.B.
Leek Town (Juniors)
Leek Town Ability Counts
Leek Town Ability Counts Ladies
Leek Town FC
Leek Town Girls
Leek Town Ladies
Leek Town Minis
Lichfield City
Lichfield City (Adult)
Lichfield City Girls
Lichfield Lions
Lichfield Lions (Barca) FC
Lichfield Social Community FC
Lichfield Social Community FC (Adults)
Lichfield Sports FC
Lodge Farm
Longton Area Potters
Madeley White Star FC
Madeley White Star Junior FC
Marquis FC
Mayfield Adult FC
MB Stafford
Meir KA U15 FC
Meir Mustangs
Men Unite
Mercia Juniors
Midland Soccer Academy
Midland Soccer Academy Girls
Midland Soccer Academy Ladies
Milford Athletic
Milton J.F.C.
Milton United FC
Milton United Ladies FC
Mitchells FC
Moorlands Athletic
Mossfield United FC
Musician United
New Invention
New Penny
Newcastle Athletic
Newcastle Strikers
Newcastle Town FC
Newcastle Town Girls
Newcastle Town Juniors
Newcastle Wanderers
Newton Park
Norton Canes
Npv Football Academy
Old Castle FC
Park Brook FC
Park Inn Knights
Pelsall Villa Colts
Penkridge F.C.
Penkridge Juniors
Perton & Codsall United U14
Phoenix Rangers Juniors
Player Project FC
Plaza (Coors)
Port Vale Girls
Port Vale Ladies
Premier Suite
Prince FC
Prince Of Wales (Stafford)
Pro Pathway Football Academy
Queensberry FC
Queensbury AFC
Racing Club Greyhound
Railway Inn FC
Rangers Reunited
Rangers Sports & Social
Red Star A.F.C.
Red Street
Redgate Clayton
Rifleman Joiners
Roaring Meg United
Rocester FC Juniors
Royal Furlong
Royal Oak Harriseahead
Rushall Olympic FC
Rushall Olympic Youth Development
Rykneld Rangers FC
Satchmo's Greyhound
Shelfield Rangers AFC
Shelfield United
Shelfield United Girls
Shenstone Pathfinder
Sikh Hunters
Silverdale (Adults)
Silverdale Athletic
Silverdale Athletic Juniors
Silverdale Girls
Silverdale Vine FC
Six Towns FC
Smallthorne White Hart
Sneyd Arms
South Staffs RTC
Sporting Biddulph
Sporting Burntwood
Sporting Khalsa
Sporting Khalsa Girls
Sporting Khalsa U19
Sporting Khalsa Women
Sporting Khalsa Youth
St Joseph's J.F.C.
Stafford Atletico
Stafford Falcons
Stafford Rangers FC
Stafford Rangers Juniors
Stafford Soccer Mums FC
Stafford Stallions
Stafford Titans
Stafford Town
Stafford Town Dragons
Stafford Town Girls
Stafford Town Juniors
Stafford Town Ladies
Stafford United FC
Staffordshire Victoria
Staffordshire Victoria Ladies
Stoke Athletic FC
Stoke City FC (Women)
Stoke City Girls Regional Talent Club
Stoke RTC
Stoke Spartans
Stoke Town FC (Adults)
Stoke Town FC Boys
Stoke Warriors FC
Stone Dominoes Development
Stone Dominoes Development Girls
Stone Galaxy
Stone Old Alleynians
Stone Town
Stone Town Outlanes
Stone Young Alleynians
Stonnall Juniors
Tam O’Shanter
Tean Albion
Tean Rangers FC
The Drill Inn FC
The Kiln FC
The Range FC
The Roaring Meg
The Roebuck
The Royal Exchange (Walsall Wood) FC
The Sir Robert Peel
Three Spires United
Tuns FC 2014
Uttoxeter Dominoes JCB
Uttoxeter Juniors
Uttoxeter Town
Uttoxeter Town A
Victoria FC
Walsall Arms Casuals
Walsall Athletic
Walsall Lionesses
Walsall Phoenix
Walsall Phoenix Ladies AFC
Walsall Wood
Walsall Wood Ladies FC
Walsall Wood Saints
Warstones Wanderers (Adult)
Wedgwood FC
Wednesbury Sports Union
Werrington Tigers
Werrington Wasps FC
West Midlands Ambulance Service (Stoke) FC
Westlands FC
Westlands United
Westpoint F.C.
Whittington United
Windmill Werrington 2017
Wip FC
Wolstanton Social Club FC
Wolstanton United
Wolstanton United High Street
Wolverhampton Casuals
Wolverhampton Olympic
Wolverhampton Olympic Girls
Wolverhampton Sporting Community Youth
Wood Park Wulruds
Woolpack FC
Wyrley Juniors
Wyrley Juniors Girls
Wyrley Ladies