Parents and Coaches guide

Staffordshire FA Launches Guidance for Parents and Coaches in Football

Staffordshire FA is delighted to provide brand-new guidance to parents and coaches, detailing specific aspects of grassroots football throughout the county

The guide, which can be downloaded by visiting the link at the bottom of this webpage, provides a crucial insight into the organisation of football in Staffordshire and the opportunities provided to players and coaches alike. 
It is designed for those experiencing the game for the first time, but would be equally useful for those already involved in whatever capacity. 

Explaining in great detail the roles and responsibilities of teams, clubs, leagues and Staffordshire FA, the new guidance succinctly breaks football down into easily-digestible sections, tackling aspects such as Charter Standard, safeguarding and coaching.

The resource also highlights important campaigns currently being promoted throughout the county, such as the FA’s Respect campaign and the recently-implemented under-18 referees armbands initiative, which are both key to the growth of young players and officials. 

As well as these aspects, alternative versions of the game such as futsal, disability football and women’s football are explained, whilst useful information on how to get involved is provided, in addition to much more. 

To download your copy, please visit the link below.