Line marking

Does Your Line Marking Time Go To Extra Time?

Do you struggle to mark sport pitches during the peak growing season or have complaints about wavy, inaccurate markings?

Line marking

Perhaps you have rutted lines from use of weed killer or simply don’t have the time and resource available to spend two hours marking a single pitch.

This is where Staffordshire FA partner Rigby Taylor come in…

Using the most advanced robotic technology from Rigby Taylor means a full-sized football pitch, with or without fixed sockets, can be initial marked in as little as 25 minutes.

Your pitch dimensions can be stored on a GPS autonomous robot tablet, taking the stress out of the pre-season workload and releasing labour for other important tasks. 

For a free, no obligation quotation of the following GPS line marking services using award-winning impact ready-to-use paints, please contact Glen Howard on or 07778 665 506.

Pre-season initial marking of football and/or rugby pitches (all pitch sizes)

Initial marking followed by regular interval (weekly/fortnightly) overmarking

In addition to football and rugby, the following sports surfaces can also be marked: American football, tennis, lacrosse and athletic running tracks