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There’s a new way to collect match fees quickly and easily thanks to new payments features in The FA Matchday app. 

From the Matchday app on your phone, you can accept payments directly from your players either per match, as a one off payment or multiple installments. No more chasing players for fees or fumbling with cash—just more time for you to run your club.

To provide this service, The FA has partnered with globally-trusted online payments provider PayPal. You may already use PayPal in your daily life – millions of people do. If so, you’ll know how safe, secure and simple it is to use.

To find out how you can get started, please CLICK HERE

For further guidance on the process, please view the YouTube videos below:

How to discount or exempt a player

How to see who has paid and who still needs to pay 

How to set up a match fee 

How to set up a monthly fee 

How to set up an annual fee

What your manager or coach needs to do 

The FA Matchday app payments overview 

How to sign up to PayPal payments - 8 teams or less - Matchday

How to sign up to PayPal payments - 9 teams or more – Matchday