It's Their Game Too - How Respect Armbands Will Be Used in 2019/20

On Saturday 2 March 2019 Staffordshire FA launched the Yellow Respect Armband initiative for under-18 referees officiating in Staffordshire-affiliated youth leagues.

Yellow armband

The initiative is in place to remind everyone that the referee is still subject to the children’s safeguarding legislation – and should therefore be protected, encouraged and treated with respect.


It’s their game too aims to continue to promote awareness that young referees are learning and developing their skills and that they should be able to have a positive matchday experience.

Staffordshire FA has produced a short film to encourage everyone to recognise that under-18 referees are still children and are learning the game, sharing some experiences that young referees have had.  

We invite you to view this film below and remember, it’s their game too.