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Staffordshire FA team up with Freshdesk to improve customer service!

Staffordshire FA is delighted to announce that they have teamed up with Freshdesk in order to deliver a better customer experience for everyone involved with the county.

We know at times it can be frustrating for members when trying to contact staff members, or if you send us an email and you don’t know if it’s being dealt with, Freshdesk is the solution to this problem.

Staffordshire FA Chief Executive Officer, Adam Evans said "As part of our ongoing commitment to improved customer service, we have introduced a 24/7 member support section to our website. This will enable our members to find solutions to queries outside of our normal office hours as we understand that changing lifestyles means that support is now needed around the clock.”

The new portal allows staff members to manage queries in a much more timely manner as well as providing members with regular updates of what state a query is currently at. Members are able to view the status of a ticket by simply clicking the 24/7 helpdesk button at the top and bottom of our website pages.

Freshdesk will be on hand to deal with any queries submitted to Info@StaffordshireFA.com, Support@StaffordshireFA.com or Education@StaffordshireFA.com.

We’re hoping that Freshdesk will improve your customer interaction with the Staffordshire FA and we are keen to gain as much feedback as possible, please email Info@StaffordshireFA.com with any feedback you may have.

Access the new online portal