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England Football Accreditation

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Football leagues and clubs accredited by The FA have positively changed the football landscape over the last 20 years. They create the ideal environments to nurture players, coaches and volunteers. The result is greater diversity and inclusivity through football. England Football Accredited replaces The FA Charter Standard and is the next chapter in this amazing story as we unite even more communities by supporting Leagues and Clubs over the next ten years.


England Football Accredited is for all non-professional leagues and clubs. It helps them create the experiences and environments where players, coaches and volunteers can thrive. Accredited clubs are more sustainable, more resilient and built to last. To find out how your club can grow your way with England Football Accredited, download the brochure.



The guide is easy to use and covers all the essential information that clubs need to know, including the renewal process, the requirements that need to be met, and what to do if there are any issues or difficulties.

If clubs have any specific queries or concerns that are not covered in the guide, they are encouraged to get in touch with Jake Triggs by emailing Jake.Triggs@StaffordshireFA.com calling 01785 256994.

In order to ensure that Accredited Clubs in Staffordshire can continue to provide the highest standard of football to their members and the community, it is essential that all clubs complete their renewal by the deadline. The SFA is committed to providing support and assistance to all clubs during this process, and the guide is just one of the ways in which we are doing this.


Jake Triggs

Football Participation Officer (Male Pathway)

Phone: 01785 256994
E-mail: Support@StaffordshireFA.com

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