Senior Challenge Cup

The storied competition, which commenced in the 1881/82 season and was initially claimed by Walsall Town, has played host to football giants such as West Bromwich Albion, Wolverhampton Wanderers, and Aston Villa.

This prestigious tournament is accessible to all senior clubs engaged in the FA Premier League, English Football League, or occupying Steps 1 to 6 of the National League System. In its early years, the contest witnessed the dominance of Stoke City, Aston Villa, and West Bromwich Albion in most finals.

However, in recent times, Stafford Rangers have emerged as a formidable force, solidifying their status as one of the competition's most successful teams.


Round Dates

Round Date
Preliminary Round to 04/10/23 Results
Round 1 31/10/23 to 30/01/24 Results
Quarter-Final 07/02/24 to 12/03/24 Results
Semi-Final 19/03/24 to 26/03/24 Results
Final 16/04/24 Result