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Reporting Concerns

Staffordshire FA see safeguarding as the foundations to providing a safe and fun environment for all involved in the grassroots game.

A dedicated officer is in place to support all leagues, clubs, referees and individuals to ensure that the county is promoting, developing and maintaining the highest standard possible.

Jan Scott

Designated Safeguarding Officer
01785 256994

Laura Thompson

Safeguarding & Respect Officer
01785 256994


LADO Stafford first response: 0800 13 13 126. Out of hours: 0345 604 2886
Stoke on Trent Safeguarding Referral Team: 01782 235100. Out of hours: 01782 234234
Walsall MASH: 0300 555 2922. Out of hours: 0300 555 2866
Wolverhampton Safeguarding Services: 01902 555392. Out of hours: 01902 552999
NSPCC Hotline: 0808 800 5000
Childline: 0800 11 11

If you, or any person you know has a safeguarding concern, the County FA is here to support you and any person affected. This is intended to be a guide to assist you in how to raise a safeguarding concern to assist you in who you may wish to discuss issues with examples of some types of concerns that maybe identified. This is meant to assist you in identifying options to address concerns you may have but advice can always be sort through the Staffordshire FA Safeguarding & Education Officer.

Example of concern


I have concerns about how the coach runs the team, playing time given to players is not fair/ training methods are inappropriate.

Situations such as this are probably best being addressed with the club welfare officer in the first instance. The club welfare officer should be able to support you with addressing these concerns. If you feel that this then requires escalation it may then be best to contact the county designated safeguarding officer.

I have concerns about how the coach of a team conducts themselves, using abusive language, speaks aggressively to players.

If the coach is from your child’s club then you may wish to address the issue with the club welfare officer first or report to the county designated safeguarding officer.

If the coach is from another club you may choose to raise these issues with the league welfare officer or the county designated safeguarding officer.

You may also choose to speak to your club welfare officer to assist you in reporting these concerns.

I have concerns about a bullying culture within my child’s team

You may choose in the circumstances to report to the club welfare officer or to the county designated safeguarding officer. You may also choose to raise the issue with your local children’s services or NSPCC.

I am concerned about social media contact between the club and my child / inappropriate messages have been exchanged on social media.

These issues may be addressed through the club welfare officer if these are around direct contact this should not occur without parental involvement. These issues could be raised directly with the county designated safeguarding lead. If these concern are of a serious abusive or sexual nature you may choose to contact the Police, Local authority designated officer (LADO), NSPCC, or FA Safeguarding directly.

I have immediate concerns about the welfare of a child who I feel maybe abused, physically/emotionally in their home environment.

You may choose to seek advice and assistance from club, league or county welfare officer. In such cases you may choose to take more immediate action and inform children’s services or the Police for action.

In all cases you can contact who you feel maybe the most appropriate person to address your concern. Situations can be raised to the County Designated Safeguarding Officer or FA Safeguarding. Cases can also be referred directly to the NSPCC, the POLICE or Local Children’s services at any time. The examples above are there to offer some guidance and organisations will work with each other to address the concerns you raise.