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Promoting safeguarding and good practice at your club

It is our priority in football to make sure that our clubs promote a fun, enjoyable and safe environment for everyone that participates. We all have a play our part in making this happen and the FA have produced a directory of guidance, tips and templates to support clubs in achieving this.

From templates for policy and procedures, welcoming new players and parents, tips on communication and websites to managing challenging behaviours; this resource should be able to offer you support in managing the running of your club.


Please contact Jan Scott Designated Safeguarding Officer on if you require any additional advice.

Safeguarding Training:

If you have previously completed the FA safeguarding Children’s workshop and need to renew the qualification, here is the link to the recertification of safeguarding children’s workshop.

If you need to complete the online safeguarding for committee members course, please find the link here.

If you wish to complete the online Safeguarding for All Course, please click here.

This course is recommended for new Club Officials who not yet able to complete the FA Safeguarding Children’s workshop but is not a replacement for this qualification and the Safeguarding Children’s workshop should be completed when available from spring 2021.    

What Children Want

It is important that we always remember to seek the views of young players in improving football. Some clubs have begun to create young people forums to seek their views on the game. Please view this short film created to share some young players thoughts and feelings on playing the game. 

Respect Marshals

Respect Marshals are there to assist coaches and referees in making the matchday environment an enjoyable and safe experience for all. Please view the film to gain a better understanding of the role. If you need to obtain a Respect Marshal yellow bib, please speak to your youth league.

yellow respect armbands

Under 18 referees have also been given the opportunity to wear yellow armbands to indicate that they are a legally still a child. This is to act as a reminder to everyone that they are a child. Abuse of referees in never acceptable, especially when they are a minor and they are subject to children’s safeguarding regulations. Please view the film to understand more.  

Respect Codes of Conduct - for club officials

Please make sure that your club use the FA codes of conduct to promote a positive experience for everyone. The codes of conduct are there for everyone to be aware of the behaviours expected by coaches, players and parents and we would encourage clubs to make sure that everyone signs up to make a positive contribution to respect for all.


Staffordshire FA conducted a survey in January and February 2021 to establish some of the thoughts young people may have on the Covid-19 lockdown. 

The survey was aimed at young people aged 13-17 and was made available via various Staffordshire FA communication channels, such as our website, social media platforms and newsletters.

To view an online version of these survey results, click on the link below: