gemma and jo waldron holding the period bags

Period Support

The Staffordshire FA, Staffordshire Girls & Ladies League, Period Power, and FabLittleBag have collaborated to provide free period products and the ability to easily dispose of them, to female clubs in Staffordshire. 

Every affiliated Girls & Women's team in Staffordshire for the 23/24 will or has received a stocked Period Bag, thanks to this partnership.

Our main objectives are to:
- Provide everyone with a Period Starter Bag to kick start the conversation & provide initial support to all female teams in Staffordshire.
- Educate everyone within the club on how they can be more female friendly and provide a safe, inclusive environment for all involved.
- Create partnerships with local charities and organisations who can support all clubs with products & education to embed within their community.

This partnership is a positive step towards ensuring that female football players in Staffordshire have access to necessary sanitary products. The Staffordshire FA is leading the way in promoting gender equality and inclusion within football, which is essential to ensuring that everyone can participate fully in the sport.

Please contact or for any further support you require.

Resources - Insight Flyers:
- General Support
- Hints & Tips
- What to do with the starter bag

What should we do with this period starter bag?
We would like each team to:
- Keep this period bag in an accessible location (E.g. A kit bag)
- Communicate where and what this period bag contains for any members to access when they need it e.g. players, coaches, volunteers, parents
- Ensure the period bag remains well stocked throughout the season by the club. To find out more about FabLittleBag products and to access their products at a special discounted rate for your club please click here
- Encourage open conversations, let’s stop this being a taboo subject
- Ensure any facilities used by teams have clean & accessible toilets

How will we receive our period bag?
All teams playing within the SGLFL for the 23-24 season, will receive their period bag at the upcoming AGM.
Any teams playing outside of this league, Staffordshire FA will be in touch once they are affiliated for the 23-24 season to arrange collection/delivery for their team(s).

Who are Period Power?
Period Power are a Staffordshire volunteer led charity who are determined to eradicate period poverty. Period Power have supported with free sanitary pads to be included within our hygiene bags that are being distributed to all female teams for 23-24 season. 

Who are FabLittleBag?
FabLittleBag is a multi award winning female founded company on a mission. The mission is to educate and convert the millions who flush period products down the toilet about the damage this causes to rivers and oceans, and to encourage them to Bin instead. Secondly, to provide easy, hygienic and confident way for those who already bin their tampons and pads to dispose of them easily and hygienically, whatever the circumstances. We achieve all of this with sustainability at our core.
Made from sugar cane and recycled materials and vegan glue, FabLittleBag is the worlds first patented disposal bag that opens one handed for ease, is opaque for discretion and seals closed for good hygiene. They are on cruise ships, oil rigs, offices, hotels, restaurants, in the kit bags of Olympians, and in sports clubs everywhere.. 
Included in every period bag is a starter pack of Fab Little Bag sanitary bags. To find out more about FabLittleBag products and to access their products at a special discounted rate for your club please click here

Do you have any tips on how we can support?
Yes we have created a hints and tips flyer to support you initially on creating an female friendly environment within football. This can be accessed here.

How can my club access support throughout the season?
If you need any support during the season, please contact Gemma Machin on who will be able to discuss the support available to your club. Please don’t be afraid to get in touch for more information or ask for support.

Will there be any further training or resources provided to help us implement change within our club?
Yes, during the 2023-24 season we will continue to provide education and resources for you to utilise within your community. More details will be shared once available and confirmed.