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Mental Health Support

Mental Health Awareness & Support in Staffordshire

Staffordshire Football Association is keen to ensure that everyone involved in grassroots football across the county is aware of the importance of mental health, and importantly, the support networks available to any individual or organisation affected.

The Association is currently working closely with a number of local organisations – including professional clubs community trusts, mental health charities, and grassroots football clubs who have been affected by mental health issues – to raise awareness of mental health and the support networks which are available across Staffordshire. We are aware this will continually be developed and will regularly update these pages as the support networks and partnerships develop.

Looking after both you physical and mental health is important for everyone and mental health problems are extremely common. One in four people will experience a mental health problem in any one year, and over 10% of people have depression at any one time. Due to the pandemic, it is anticipated that this has increased and more people will be experiencing difficulties. When players have a physical injury for example a broken leg, clubs can't do much except wait for it to heal. Mental Health problems are harder to see but the way that coaches and team-mates behave can make things much better or worse – so it’s important for clubs and coaches to have an awareness of mental health.

Below we have provided various support available on Mental Health, however please note we are aware that there may be more out there and so this will be updated regularly as more opportunities develop.