Personal Hearings

The County FA is responsible for maintaining discipline at grassroots level and abiding by the procedures issued annually by the Football Association.

As a Referee, part of your role is to ensure that you report any discipline that occurs in any game that you referee via the Whole Game System. Depending on the type of charge, it may be that you are required to attend a Personal Hearing.

A Personal Hearing takes place if a Club or Player do not accept the charge raised against them following a discipline report. A Personal Hearing is nothing to worry about, and support will be provided by our Discipline Team and our Referee Development Officer if you feel that it is required.

Throughout the process of a Personal Hearing we try our best to make it clear that the Referee IS NOT on trial, you are simply there for the Discipline Panel to ask you questions on your report, or for clarification on any matter that they may need explaining further.

It is important that as a Referee you understand that it is part of your role to attend a Personal Hearing if and when required.

For more information regarding a Personal Hearing please click HERE.


Further information:

If you require any further information regarding Personal Hearings please contact Referee Development Officer, Matthew Jones on any of the following:
(T): 01785 256994
(M): 07969 295102

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