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FA Disability Workforce fund

The FA recently announced further investment of £1.5M into disability football via The FA Disability Workforce Fund (DWF).

The Fund has seen the creation of a network of 29 disability-specific football development officers, each with a remit of retaining and growing participation levels.

Between 2016 - 2019, the DWF will see team numbers reach over 2600 and 1000 recreational turn-up-and-play centres will be created. To support this growth, 145 disability football education courses will be delivered to over 2300 coaches.

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Gemma Turner
Football Development Officer (Disability)

(T): 01785 256994 (ext. 208)
(M): 07495 678661

Over the past 3 years disability football in Staffordshire has shown great signs of growth across all areas of the game including Playing, Coaching and Refereeing. The Disability Workforce Fund allows Staffordshire FA to work with key partners such as local authorities, CSP and Community Trusts to deliver football opportunities for players and volunteers with disabilities.

In 2013 Staffordshire hosted 6 disability teams, this has since grown to 26 teams with a target of creating 42 teams by 2019. The Disability Workforce Fund provides the County FA with the resources and expertise required to reach these targets and improve the opportunities available to disabled players throughout the county.

For further information surrounding The FA Disability Workforce Fund, please contact our Football Development Officer (Disability) via the details provided.