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Referee Registration

Referees have to register annually with their parent County FA in order to be appointed to games by leagues and other competitions.

How much does it cost to register?

It costs £20 per season to register with The FA.

Online Registration

Since the launch of The FA's Whole Game System, Referees are now able to complete their Referee Registration online (please click the Whole Game System to log on to the site). The online process is much simpler than in previous seasons and cuts down on unnecessary paperwork and administration. In order to register online you must log-in with your FAN and password, then follow the on-screen instructions.

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Why do I need to register?

Under FA regulations, referees MUST register in order to referee in affiliated competitions, and leagues are forbidden from appointing unregistered referees to games under any circumstances.

What if I don’t register?

If a referee has not registered for one season, they may be re-registered with their County FA upon payment of the annual registration fee. A referee who has failed to register with their County FA for between two and five seasons shall not be re-registered until they have successfully undertaken and completed the Basic Referees Course written examination. The County FA can then register the referee at their former level (up to Level 5) once they are satisfied with his/her competence. A referee who has not registered for more than five seasons must attend and successfully complete the Referees Course, at which point they will be registered as a Level 7 referee.

What if I require my Safeguarding / FA Criminal Records Check?

This will usually occur if you have turned 16 years old since you last registered, as the system will not allow you to register as a referee without having completed an enhanced CRC Disclosure. Please contact the Referee Development Officer who will be able to offer advice and guidance on what to do next.