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Name: Paige Snape
Age: 19
School/College: Previously went to Rodbaston College
Role in football: Coach and Referee
Role within Youth Council: Chairman
What the role involves: Leading the Staffordshire FA Youth Council, communicating with the group and assisting them in any way I can with completing their roles.
Benefits of being a member of the Youth Council: I am aware of things that are happening within the FA. I’m constantly meeting new people and learning new things, it’s nice to learn things from people who are working within the game and have experience in specific areas of football. I like how I am able to positively influence youth football across the county through our Youth Council projects.
Personal Future Aims: I am looking to become more involved in football and help enforce change within youth football. I hope to develop and encourage other people to work within youth football and have a positive impact on this area of the game.

Name: Daniel Jones
Age: 18
School/College: Durham University
Role in football: Coach and Referee
Role within Youth Council: Marketing & Communications Officer
What the role involves: To work as part of a team to promote the Staffordshire FA Youth Council & their projects for this season. Support the Youth Council project officers with advertising, promoting and researching for young coaches and referee’s.
Benefits of being a member of the Youth Council: I feel that being a member of the Youth Council has not only allowed me to voice my personal opinions surrounding football in my local area but it has also allowed me to meet likeminded people and gain an insight into football all across the county.
Personal Future Aims: My personal future aims in regard to football are to progress and become the best that I can be, both as a coach and referee. In addition to this I would like to continue to meet people involved in the sport across Staffordshire and then build on this to meet people from across the UK.

Name: Chloe Matthews
Age: 19
School/College: University of Wolverhampton
Role in football: Level 6 Referee/Level 2 Outfield and GK Coach
Role within Youth Council: Project Officer (Refereeing)
What the role involves: Creating and developing projects to help young and newly qualified referees gain more confidence, gain more experience and learn more about how to improve their game to ultimately become a better referee.
Benefits of being a member of the Youth Council: I get to work with a great group of people to help improve football and make a difference throughout the county. I gain invaluable skills through being a member that will help benefit me in my future career, not only in football but also in general life.
Personal Future Aims: Graduate from university with at least a 2:1, gain promotion to Level 5 and officiate in the Women’s Super League

Name: Freya Sammons
Age: 19
School/College: Stafford College
Role in football:  Coach
Role within Youth Council: Coaching representative
What the role involves: To try and improve the coaching courses and information available to anyone currently involved in coaching at grassroots level in Staffordshire. Also to be a point of contact for anyone wishing to get involved in coaching and to help promote more female coaches.
Benefits of being a member of the Youth Council: Ability to influence any changes in policy relating to both coaching and female football in Staffordshire, being involved also allows me to develop my personal profile. The Youth council also allows me stay up to date with national changes introduced by the FA.
Personal Future Aims: To reach the highest level in coaching that I can!

Name: Zach Siwiec
Age: 17
School/College: Port Vale/ Stoke-on-Trent College
Role in football:  Coach
Role within Youth Council: One of the Project Officers for coaching.
What the role involves: This role involves helping to improve Hive for the young coaches of the county. Hive is an online platform for coaches to view, showing sessions, activities and general advice. Myself and fellow project officers for coaching want to ensure every coach in the county has the chance to view Hive, as it is a brilliant resource to use. Additionally, our task is to make sure all coaches, particularly young ones, have as many key opportunities to improve and gain valuable confidence in their pathway as a coach.
Benefits of being a member of the Youth Council: Meeting new people, with similar aspirations and enjoyments are both important benefits of the Youth Council. Having the opportunity to represent all young people in your area involved in the game creates a sense of responsibility because you are a voice for these people.
Personal Future Aims: To be a successful coach at a professional club.

Name: Kieran Walker
Age: 17
School/College: Previously Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy
Role in football:  Coach and Referee
Role within Youth Council: Referee Project Officer
What the role involves: My role as a referee project officer will be to work with colleagues to come up with ways to improve refereeing throughout all levels of football. Alongside this, I will ensure that our ideas are put into place and make a positive impact for referees.
Benefits of being a member of the Youth Council: I feel the benefits of being a part of the Youth Council are that I am able to make a difference and develop football as a whole. It also allows me to meet new people who I can work with through sharing my experience in order to make these changes happen.
Personal Future Aims: In the future, I would like to continue to work with Staffordshire FA in order to continue to develop football across the country as years go by. I would also like to continue up the refereeing levels and gain more coaches badges, whilst meeting new people who I can learn from on the way. 

Name: Ben Kirk
Age: 19
Role in football: Full-time sports coach
Role within Youth Council: Coaching Project Officer
What the role involves: Working with members of the Youth Council to come up with the best plan to help improve coaching within Staffordshire. By creating new ideas that can have a positive effect on coaches. Also to inform coaches about the online learning platform Hive and how it can be used as a very useful tool whilst planning, delivering and reflecting when taking a session.
Benefits of being a member of the Youth Council: Being able to work with a new group of people who are passionate about football and share the same views on things as I do. To have the ability to positively change football for people around Staffordshire. To make new connections with people to potentially create opportunities for myself in the future.Also to gain new skills and ideas that I can take back and use within Whittington FC.
Personal Future Aims: To gain all coaching badges and then progress into the coaching/management side of the professional game.

Name: Jack Bennett
Age: 20
Role in football:  Coach
Role within Youth Council: Girls' and Women's Project Officer
What the role involves: My role involves thinking, planning and executing projects to increase participation of females within football in Staffordshire, communicating with the Youth Council to discuss and share ideas to achieve to the best possible results.
Benefits of being a member of the Youth Council: Being able to meet new people and working as a team, having the opportunity to develop football in my county whilst being able to gain personal skills.
Personal Future Aims: To gain as much knowledge and experiences as I can, continue to push and develop myself and hopefully become more involved in the development side of football.


Further Information

If you have any further questions around the council or wish to apply please contact Football Development Officer (Children and Young People), Gemma Turner on any of the following:
(E): gemma.turner@staffordshirefa.com
(T): 01785 279828
(M): 07495 678661

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