Futsal in Youth Leagues

The FA has placed an increasing emphasis on encouraging young people to play futsal as part of a varied playing programme to enhance their technical…

The FA recognises the value and benefits that futsal can play in helping to not only improve the skills and abilities of young people, but also the enjoyment and fun that they gain from playing this small sided format of the game.

The FA has worked with a number of youth football leagues from across the country over the past season to help them to coordinate and provide futsal to the youth clubs involved in their leagues. This has benefitted thousands of boys and girls across the country that due to the hard-work of their youth league and some funding from The FA, have been able to enjoy playing futsal. This has been particularly advantageous during the winter period, where indoor futsal provision has enabled the young players to continue playing some format of football even during the worse of the winter weather.

This document provides some examples and case studies of some of the successes of these youth leagues in delivering futsal to their clubs, with the hope that it will encourage more leagues and clubs from across the country to learn from these experiences and to deliver futsal to benefit the development of their young players.

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